I am Male , 24 years old , from united states , loves anime , manga and especially Japanese culture. Actual " weebo " ( and proud of it.) ( Plenty more to read bellow If you want to know more about me. LOL after gifs and silly , cool stuff. I implore you , if you really wanna follow me then you should read my entire profile and get to know me as a person a little. )

A Silent Fighter stands alone. He pursues his dreams through a swaying flame in the dark.

There is a man who continues to shape his destiny! There is another man who defies the gods. This has been the fate of Hokuto Shinken for the past 2000 years. Behold! the history of blood is about to end.

Hokuto Shinken is invincible

Hokuto No Ken ost ( Silent Survivor instrumental version )

Hokuto No Ken ost ( Two Evil Stars )

Hokuto No Ken ost ( Raid Of Evil )

Hokuto No Ken ost ( I kill the fight )

Souten No Ken ost ( Kokoro No Rhythm Tobichiru Butterfly )

Souten No Ken ost ( Your are the one )

Souten No Ken ost ( Soutenno Hateni )

Souten No Ken ost ( All this sky )

Hokuto No Ken AMV ( No easy way out )

Mayuri and Nemu

Mayuri and Nemu ( Ryusei Nakao and Rie Kugimiya Duet ) Life is Like a Boat

cute and pretty Yuria cosplay

Kenshiro and Kenshiro Kasumi

Kenshiro Kasumi


Kenshiro and Falco

Kenshiro , Ein and Asuka


Rei , Mamiya and Airi

Hot Hokuto No Ken , Souten No Ken and Hokuto No Ken : Rei Gaiden fanservice

Raoh , Kenshiro and Kaioh ( fight this trio and die no matter what lol )

On Another note aside from anime.
Big Gamer and there are very few types of games I don't enjoy if any.

( Keep reading! )

More importantly I am a huge fan of Japanese adult video ( Japanese porn or JAV as many probably know it by that moniker ) or as it's known in Japan simply adult video or ( AV / アダルトビデオ )
If anyone wants to follow me on Twitter to see recommendations of Japanese adult films or learn more about the performers, directors company's ect than simply message me. I must warn you though I often tweet In Japanese. I truly love these people and really through my watching them and learning about their lives and seeing their hearts through documentaries AVs and interviews and their Twitter accounts has changed me and made me a kinder and better human being. There are people I know that I would go as far to call friends. I've had the great honor of speaking to quite a few and asking them things and it made me care for them even more to connect like that. As a whole and as individuals I have grown a great love for them. Seeing things like Miki Sunohara and Uehara Ai cry for each other and hold each other after sex and being so close , seeing these women love their fans and so many people so much and have such dedication , seeing how gentlemanly the male performers really are and how they support the actresses so much with tenderness and even love and seeing everyone's thoughts about things and how they grew up , what they feel and their various hearts has melted my own. I don't think I could ever put what I have grown to feel to words. To even try to put it into words well lets just say it's helped me learn and feel the camaraderie of mankind and where before I had bitterness and cruelty I now have love and tenderness.

Crash Bandicoot was my hero as a kid and he is doing well in my adult years as well.

I love Japanese people a lot and I really love their culture. Honestly they helped change me into a kinder person. I love Gyaru/ Ganguro and love those type of anime characters. Speaking of which this brings me to my next part of my profile. Do yourself a favor and don't act like a baby about this next thing because it happens to be all just the facts.

Slight rant but still FACTS!!!! ( And don't give me lip about this either because it's like debating that water quenches thirst. Honestly though please guys , come on if this really bothers you and you are this thin skinned over it than just don't follow me or associate with me ect. I don't feel Like having a non existent debate about something that is not up for a debate.)
Here we go ahem

BELIEVE IT OR NOT MOST TANNED ANIME CHARACTERS ESPECIALLY OFTEN FEMALE ONES ARE SOMETHING CALLED GYARU/GANGURO. THEY ARE NOT WHATEVER RACE YOU THINK THEY ARE!!!! ALSO CHARACTERS LIKE ICHIGO KUROSAKI , NARUTO UZUMAKI AND MANY BILLIONS IN FACT OTHER CHARACETRS WITH BIG EYES AND STRANGE HAIR AND EYE COLORS ARE NOT WHATEVER RACE YOU THINK THEY ARE EITHER!!!! No your favorite anime character is not whatever race you want them to be. If a character has an Asian name , lives in an Asian country ( Japan ) , speaks Japanese and is tanned especially if coupled with blonde hair than 99% no wait 100% of the time their Japanese! Go figure huh. Of course there a few strange exceptions and murky waters but with billions upon billions of series I would think that would be expected. Anyway there are some things that just aren't for debate and people need to learn this and get over it. Again i.e water is a great no really a perfect thirst quencher. I honestly don't see why some people have such a hard time accepting this. I am not Japanese but does that somehow mean I can't relate to Japanese characters or love them? Of course not I wouldn't fricking be on this site if that was the case. Of course if they have a foreign name , do not live in Japan , or are otherwise specified to not be ethnically Japanese or are specified or mentioned to be some mixture ect then yeah those few times you get your wish. Sado Yasutora from Bleach for example had a plot point about how he was bullied for being half Japanese and half Mexican. Another example where there is a proven mixed character is Asuka Langely Soryu who was declared to be half Japanese and half German early on. Please don't take my " ranting " the wrong way. I just am bothered when people don't know the ethnicity of characters as getting it wrong makes the experience less authentic. Kind of like how i DON'T watched dubbed anime unless it's a series that doesn't take place in Japan or has many non Japanese characters like Naoki Urasawa's MONSTER. Ideally though I would have loved a German version of that series since it takes place in Germany but I do not think one exists. On a slightly different note , About Gyaru culture in Japan. The reason there are more tanned ganguro / gyaru female characters is because in Japan gyaru is considered fashionable and very sexy. Often times when a character is tanned in these stories they may often be a little more sexualized than some of the other female characters. they may also be a little more rambunctious and more assertive ect as that is also part of what gyaru is supposed to be about.

Kenshiro , Raoh , Toki , Jagi and Ryuken

Kenshiro , Toki , Raoh, Hyoh and Kaioh. HAH HAH Jagi excluded AGAIN!

Raoh and Kaioh

Shachi , Kenshiro , Rin and Kaioh

Kenshiro , Rin , Batto and Ein

The squad

Now this is culture especially since Sakura is in a real life location often used to shoot Japanese adult films in. Known as the example pool / 例のプール

almost certainly NSFW

LOL looks like she finally decided to try something new and fun instead of being a housewife ROFLMAO!!!

Sakura Is so sexy definitely one of my waifu's


If I had a waifu it would probably be Orihime Inoue from Bleach


There are plenty of other waifus imo though. This goes for real life as well. I am basically Sanji in that respect.

Hinata Hyuga is a notable mention


Yuria is another waifu of mine

Yu-Ling Pan is a waifu of mine too actually. Basically just a strong , tough Yuria who is sexy and she knows it.

Whenever I don't understand what you mean or don't get something I will post this pic of Giselle Gewelle.

Rin is so cute!

I love how awesome Batto became as an adult.

Speaking of kids growing up , my god did Erika Arendt grow up to be a goddess tier babe.

Some Favorite anime Quotes

" We were all born here on earth... We try to keep understanding each other along these tiny points until they accumulate.... We try to get closer to someone else until our lives someday end. "
― Shinichi Izumi ( Kiseijuu )

Lain: " Father/ otosan "

Yasuo: " You don't need to wear that anymore , Lain. " ( the bear suit )

Lain: " gasps then smiles " ............. Dad do you know?

Yasuo " What? "

Lain: " I .... everyone I ...

Yasuo: You love them?

Lain ( gasps )

Yasuo: " Isn't that right? "

Lain: ( begans crying )

( Lain crying in the background )

Yasuo: " Lain , I'll make us some tea next time. That's right with some madeleines Definitely they're great! "

__ Lain and Yasuo Iwakura ( Serial Experiments Lain )

Kurapika: " so that's how it was ,You liar! "

Leorio: " I didn't lie. My object is money , after all. The past is the past , money is money. I have a tendency to drop anything which doesn't bring me profit."

Kurapika: " I hope you make it."

Leorio: " You don't need to wish it for me. I'm going to be a hunter even if it kills me! "

Kurapika: " No I meant a doctor. ( cute smile ) "

Leorio: " Gasp! Don't say such innocent things with such an innocent look. People will think you swing the other way. Alright let's go! ( dashes ahead ) "

Kurapika: " Are you alright Leorio?! "

Leorio: " Sure as you can see. If I don't care how I look I find I can keep on going. I'll keep running even if I have to run naked! "

Kurapika: " ( Sly smile ) I guess I can learn something from him. "

__ Leorio and Kurapika ( Hunter X Hunter 1999 Episode 7 )

You cry for your friends , huh? I thought you guys neither bled nor cried. So how come? How come you didn't have any of this compassion... even just a little bit of it... for all those countless people you hurt and killed?!

__ Gon Freecss ( HxH 1999 )

Kasumi: " Erika hang in there. "

Erika: " Kenhsiro... kill me , It's the only way to save the world. Because of my memories many have been hurt or killed. And going forward that wont change , so please! release me from my suffering! "

Kasumi: " Is that what you want? "

Erika: " Yes. "

Kasumi: " That's the path migadol desires , There must be another path the lone girl Erika Arendt desires. "

Erika: " I don't want to hurt anyone anymore! I don't want to lose anyone! They suffer and hurt because of these memories! I never wanted this ability! So it would be better if I just went away... Please! kill me! "

Kasumi: " You have good memories too , once you're dead they'll all be gone. "

Erika: " I don't want them! I'm going to end it! I don't want to see anymore lives lost! "

Kasumi: " Is that what Erika Arendt truly wants? Yuling , the children and everyone else loves you. Won't your death make them all sad? Everyone's waiting for you to come home. You have a home to return to. "

Erika: " But my heart hurts. "

Kasumi: " Then I'll bear them : Your sadness , the memories that hurt you , everything. ( embraces her ) Erika , live , You must live. As long as you're alive something good is bound to happen. "

Erika: " I can live? "

Kasumi: Erika Arednt's life is just getting started. "

Erika: " Kenshiro... ( he pushes her pressure point to make her forget ) thank you. "

( she drifts to sleep in his arms as tears fall from his gentle blue eyes )

__ Kenshiro Kasumi and Erika Arendt ( Hoktuo No Ken: Souten No Ken )

__ Feiyan and Erika ( Hokuto No Ken: Souten No Ken )

" Shin , man of the star of sacrifice. The star of destiny that died for Yuria's love. Shin , were you able to reunite with Yuria in heaven? "

__ Kenshiro ( Hokuto No Ken )

Kenshiro: " Rei , The man who stands for the justice star. Your legend ... Will never fade. "

__ Kenshiro ( Hokuto No Ken )

I do not need my name etched in any epitaph! If I am to die , It shall be in battle!

__ Kenshiro ( Hokuto No Ken )

( Kenshiro confronts Sanga the crazed ruler responsible for burning down a village and killing many innocent people including a sick little girl Kenshiro considered a " young hero. " He held her charred and burned hand and took and took her necklace the one thing she had to remember her father by. Filled with vengeance Kenshiro vows to destroy the unconscionable lunatic. )

Sanga: How about we talk it over , Kenshiro? How about joining forces with me? We can live the high life together. And you can have this city when I die. Here , we have water , and people who are subservient to gods , and soldiers who have sworn their loyalty , all this shall be yours one day! The Kingdom I worked hard to build!

Kenshiro: Don't make me laugh! Young blood and tears aren't shed in a true kingdom!

( Water droplet falls into the lake and Sanga shoots a flamethrower at Kenshiro , but of course he dodges effortlessly. )

Sanga: What? Such insolence! It's all for the sake of creating an eternal kingdom! Who dies in it's making is none of my concern! Die! go to hell and regret not accepting my generous offer!

( Sanga uses the flamethrower to take down a large stalagmite Kenshiro is hiding behind )

Kenshiro: ARRRRRRGGGG!!! ( power flows though him. punches the cave once and then unleashes a flurry of punches while doing his trademark screams. Parts of the cave come crashing down as Sanga screams. Smoke from the avalanche fills the area of the cave , from behind the cloud of smoke Sanga once again tries to attack Kenshiro but Kenshiro grabs his hand and breaks his arm followed by elbowing him in the chest into the cave wall. He then walks toward him. )

Sanga: Please........ Don't kill me....I believe in gods too! Gods , have mercy on me!

Kenshiro: No gods can save you now!

Sanga: ( Screams in cowardice and terror )

Kenshiro: Unleashes another flurry of punches and smashes Sanga through the cave wall ) Atatatatatata WATAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! ( Sanga flies through the air and his body explodes while organs and pieces of him fall into the water. )

Kenshiro: Your are not the one to build a new kingdom , It shall be the work of young heroes.

__ Kenshiro and Sanga ( Shin Hokuto No Ken )

Raoh : " Brother , if you ever manage to turn this land into the hell on earth you desire , then I shall come and seize it from you. Your methods will never be able to conquer the land. This land only needs one conqueror who has vanquished love from his heart ; Just as only one of us is heading towards his own demise...... Your are lonely , brother. And you are trying to take the world along with you. Admit it , brother. Admit your loneliness. Admit that you , more than anyone , are in need of love. "

Kaioh: " What's your point? "

Raoh " You have lost brother.... You have lost to yourself..... When we were young , you promised me that you would never give in to the loneliness , that you would keep standing strong... But you have broken that promise! "

Kaioh: ( Grins ) " So you will come attack me? "

Raoh: ( turns his back ) " Once I followed you everywhere and wished to be just like you. However , you are no longer the person I idolized. The only thing that stands before me is control of the land itself. I Shall be the one to conquer it all. "

( Raoh mounts Kokuoh and rides off ) Kaioh watches him leave and feels his body getting heavier and stiffer with emotions. Unaware of how much time has passed Kaioh raises his fist and stabs himself hard in the chest once again in order to stifle his emotion as usual. Dark blood pours from his wound once again.

Kaioh: " Farewell Raoh! "

__ Raoh and Kaioh ( Hokuto No Ken: Ken's Rage 2 )

Zhang TaiYan: " Hey Yan-Wang , don't fall in love with women. If you do , your heart will become vulnerable. A guy like that can't survive in Shanghai! Do you really plan on fighting me while protecting Lihua?! "

Kasumi: " it's just right for a handicap. Now listen up you idiot. Hokuto No Ken doesn't allow the killing of women. I will always love women. And I will survive! "

__ Kenshiro Kasumi ( Hokuto No Ken: Souten No Ken )

Toki: " In this dark world ... The weak seem to have made the choice of giving up completely... The war completely destroyed the hearts of men. It might already be too late to restore what was lost in their hearts. Will the sun ever rise again to melt their frozen hearts and restore their faith in a brighter future? That is what I wish to find out. "

__ Toki ( Hokuto No Ken: Toki Den manga )

Toki: " People say that Kenshiro is weak. But I think this isn't just about survival. It is a way of understanding the meaning of life itself. And.... It is the very definition of a human being. "

__ Toki ( Hokuto No Ken: Toki Den )

Kenshiro: " You called me master? "

Ryuken: " Kenshiro."

Kenshiro: " Yes? "

Ryuken: I have listend to the will of the heavens..... You are to become the 64th successor of Hokuto Shinken."

Kenshiro: " Master! "

Ryuken: " You disapprove? "

Kenshiro: " Why did you choose me over Raoh and Toki? "

Ryuken: ( sigh ) : As you are now , there's no way you can defeat Toki... Not to mention Raoh... "

Kenshiro: " Then why me?! "

Ryuken: " Kenshiro... You are hopelessly humane , and ... You possess far too kind a character. I have never seen anybody with such a character as yours. "

Kenshiro: " Hmm. "

Ryuken: ( grins ) " Hmp... But that is good... Kenshiro... Hokuto Shinken is a fist wielded by a shinigami. A shinigami does not kill out of personal interest. Therefore... A shinigami's true nature... Must manifest itself in the form of a human. Ambition , envy , hatred , those who kill others based on these negative instincts are destined to walk down the path of evil! It is because he listens to the will of the heavens and their desire to realize the enlightenment of the masses... and not to his own feelings , that a shinigami takes the lives of others. He kills people for the sake of the people. "

Kenshiro: " Gasp "

Ryuken: ( laughs ) To live as both a human and a shinigami is extremely hard. However.. The only person who can shoulder that burden , is you! .... That is what the heavens have told me.

( present day ) Kenshiro: " ... stars of hokuto .. forgive me! For I now know the truth. The destiny of Hokuto! My destiny as the successor! The prayers of the brokenhearted! "

__ Kenshiro and Ryuken ( Hokuto No Ken: Kenshiro Den )

Now to specifically the Favorite
Bleach Quotes

"By its very nature, conflict is always a sorrowful thing. And that's because it has 'love' at its heart! Conflict is what occurs when what two men hold different beliefs about what is right, right? Wrong. Conflict is brought about by love, and love alone! Love for one's wife. Love for one's child. Love for one's parents. Love for one's friend. Love for one's master. Love for one's god. Faith is love. Conviction is love. Even attachment to physical things is love! Without love, there can be no conflict! That is why conflict is so sad, and that is why conflict is so beautiful!"

__ PePe Waccabrada ( Bleach )

" If you ask anyone to name a universal rule that governs animals and humans alike, I bet you most people would answer "survival of the fittest". There are strong people and there are weak people. At a glance, it looks like the difference is pretty clear-cut. But the truth is, there's a lot more to it than just a simple battle of "strong" against "weak", of kill or be killed. You must understand what I'm talking about too, right? The true meaning of "survival of the fittest" isn't as simple as all that."

Survival of the fittest' is just a pretty lie that they tell you. A lie to make weak people believe that if they try their best, they can come out on top. Truth is, it isn't the weak that get eaten. It's not about strength, it's about numbers. The ones who stand at the top of the food chain are the brainless dolts. The loudmouths. Because there are so, so many of them. You know it's true. Everybody does. You all just turn a blind eye and pretend not to notice."

__ Riruka Dokugamine ( Bleach )

Nemu: Why ... Did Mayuri Sama stop calling me " Nemuri seventh? "

Akon: " Why are you asking me and not him? "

Nemu: " I don't think he would answer. "

Akon: " If you understand that you should be able to realize it's pointless to ask me! " ( Sigh )................ I think he's embarrassed. "

Nemu: " Embarrassed? I don't think Mayuri Sama has those kind of feelings. "

Akon: " Sometimes what you say is surprising........ The captain said.... "

( Mayuri: " The godly Shinigami new souls created from nothing...... Are the dream of any shinigami. However it's absurd to have a dream while being awake. That's why I will call this project.... Nemuri project. " )

Akon: " It was the captains irony. ..... And.... This is just my guess but.. the godly shinigami.. Are not the dream of any shnigami. They are captain Kurotsuchi's Dream. Do you understand? "

( " Mayuri I will call this project... ")

Akon: " Everyday... You eat . Sleep , Breathe. You grow up , Learning something new. During this time.... For captain Kurotsuchi.... It's like living in a dream. And probably... He's embarrassed by the fact that you might realize that. "

Nemu: " .... But I didn't realize. "

Akon: " Seeing as you become more intelligent each day... I also knew that one day you'd realize it. "

Nemu: " If I were ignorant.... would Mayuri Sama continue calling me seventh? "

Akon: " Now that would be impossible........... After all your the captains masterpiece.

__ Akon , Nemu and Mayuri ( Bleach )

"Hmph. I seem to be getting thanked an awful lot today... How unsettling. But such things are not important... This is evolution! I have created from nothing a soul capable of evolving of its own accord! I have surpassed you! Kisuke Urahara! ...Ah, when I picture your face twisted in bitter envy....well, actually, I cannot imagine it... But that is precisely why it will be worth witnessing first-hand! The next time I see that man, I will make him see the difference in our abilities! Yes, we will show him....... together."

__ Mayuri Kurotsuchi ( Bleach )


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