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Greetings, and welcome to my profile. I am Tokyo Rose. I am a stickler for perfection who partakes in many different things such as gardening, drawing, cooking. gaming and of course watching anime. Anime has always fascinated me and my appreciation for it only continues to grow. I endeavor to see and gain the knowledge of as many different types of anime as possible - so please feel free to strike up a conversation and/or drop off any recommendations.

I rate on overall enjoyment, how much I liked the show. Quality in things like art, animation, sound, writing or whatever will factor in automatically depending on how amazed I am by it, be it negatively or positively. This is all a matter of my personal opinion and how much I value these series on an individual level. I might enjoy a series more than you, and vice versa, because that’s just how it is.

10: A masterpiece.
I can’t say I have specific criteria for a 10, but I have the utmost respect for a series that can reach this ranking as it is definitely one I would deem well constructed and one that could connect with me on an emotional level.

9: Excellent
undoubtedly a series I consider amazing. Though they may not be 10s for me, I have great appreciation for these series and am sure to talk about them at some point or another. Definitely give these a watch if you have the opportunity.

8: Very good
These are exceptional series that provide great enjoyment. They might have a few minor problems, but are still quite enjoyable. .

7: Good
Definitely worthwhile. These might stumble here and there and are far from perfect but still have something valuable to offer and should be tried.

6: Decent
Enjoyable, but suffers from more problems. Most of these have some value but also lack the qualities to keep me thoroughly entertained.

5: So-so
Generally unmemorable or otherwise lacking. These are ones that fit into the “eh” category, and while I might not completely dislike them I can’t say I’m especially fond of them either.

4: Not really good
These are the series that I have a problem getting interested in. These may have a few merits and aren’t completely void of worth, but have more negatives than positives going for them overall.

3: Weak
Has few redeeming qualities and is generally a waste of time.

1-2: Poor
A complete waste of time. Although anime is an entertainment medium, and for the most part we are entertained - this rating is reserved for those that offered very little amusement. Completely forgettable and with little to no redeeming qualities.

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