Best viewed in dark mode. Also heres some music while you read my profile : Wish I could make my profile really pretty like some other ones Ive seen but I simply dont have the skills to do so. Hope its still somewhat aesthetically pleasing though. Schools over its summer and I would love to binge some shows. I really would. But I also need to work. And study for the P/SAT. And get my permit. Looks like this summer wont be stressfree like I had hoped. Rating System All of my scores are objectively subjective and perhaps even unrepresentative of my true feelings as opinions change over time. Disagreement is the foundation of healthy discourse and the basis of democracy. A bitter pill to swallow for some but one they need to nonetheless. 10096: Either lifechanging almost perfect or just absolutely blownaway by something. 9586: Among the best. Highly recommended. 8576: Very good. Minor flaws but still easily recommendable. 7566: Pretty good suffers from some flaws but doesnt detract too much. 6556: Moderately enjoyable but has evident flaws that influence quality. 5546: I struggled to enjoy this show. The enjoyable moments were as good as the unpleasant ones were bad. 4536: Substandard. Some redeeming qualities here and there but overall not a great experience. 3526: My resolve to finish everything I start is solely responsible for the status: Completed. 2511: Terrible. Plot holes that cant be ignored main characters made of osmium this is a genuine pain to finish and gave me numerous existential crises. 101: I would be completely appalled if an anime this horrendous exists. 0: REDACTED Some personal recommendations for anime manga and things that arent anime or manga. Short Stories: Books: Movies With Real People: Anime: Manga: Sauce: Join Date: April 13th 2021 Milestones I suppose: 1st anime: Case Closed 150th anime: TBD 1st manga: Assassination Classroom 10th manga: Kuzumikun Kuuki Yometemasu ka? 552021 25th manga: TBD Oh yeah. Badges are a thing. My creativity and photoshop skills are virtually nonexistent but I can still have badges thanks to infinitely more skilled people like Logia and wfly for making and sharing these awesome badges. 120 120 120 120 120 To people thanks for checking out my profile

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