My Youtube: 76 / vietnam vet / watches moe anime to cope with the guilt of my numerous war crimes 10: An all time favorite and a show Im willing to revisit many times over. Most likely resonates with me personally in a way other shows cant. 9: An overall amazing experience and something worthy of high praise. 8: Great shows that not only had me entertained but invested had some flaws that hold it back a little bit. 7: Good shows entertaining overall but are either flawed in execution or just dont reach very high heights. 6: Decent and my experience is still overall positive but at this point the shows are take it or leave it. 5: At this point my experience is becoming pretty mixed. Either the show is relatively uninteresting or flawed in some major aspects without being irredeemable. 4: These are anime Id consider legitimately bad. Either they consistently bored me or the characters and story are flawed in major ways. Normally these shows have one or two good aspects that stop them from being lower. 3: When bad becomes worse. At this point the show is driving me insane trying to finish it and these shows lack legitimately good parts. Might have some things they did merely passably. 2: These shows lack redeemable aspects or if they do have them theyre inconsequential to the overall quality of the show. Appalling. 1: Reserved for shows that arent just terrible but the antithesis of fun to such a degree that the creators have me scratching my head as to what they were thinking when making it.

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