"Even if you get stuck with a seriously dull one, if you look at it critically and figure out why it's a failure, the time you spend with it isn't a complete waste." - Grisaia no Kajitsu (VN)

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Current Scale
10 – Masterpiece of its genre, genre-defining, shows that utilize the complex medium of anime to its fullest
9.5 – Must watch, extremely memorable/enjoyable, rewatches offer a new perspective and experience
9 – Great, high rewatch value, just barely not a must-watch, unique
8.5 – Exceptional, could be worth a rewatch
8 – Good, enjoyable but low rewatch value
7.5 – Ok, generic but enjoyable/puts a spin on a generic story
7 – Just ok, generic, nothing special, inoffensive
6.5 and below – bad, higher scores within this range are typically for production value (e.g. soundtrack, animation)

  • I highly value the quality and uniqueness of production values such as, art design, animation, soundtrack, and voice acting due to how important these are to the medium. A picture is worth a thousand words, and I love when great direction can take that motto and make an anime that means much more than what it shows on the screen. As such, I try to rate in a fashion more focused on the qualities of the anime, rather than by my personal enjoyment of the anime (which will obviously still affect my judgement).
  • I think it's best to experience as many anime as you can and that it's a shame when people overlook some gems just because it's below a certain rating threshold (e.g. "I don't watch anything below 80 on AL/MAL"), so I essentially scale a 5 point/star rating to a 100 point rating.

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