My hobby website I am making a hobby website called aptxshows.moe that tries to predict how much you will like seasonal shows based on ratings you gave to other shows and the staff they share. Its very much a work in progress so I welcome feedback but expect changes to be slow to come. My rating system As someone who believes in dropping shows mercilessly I view my skewed rating distribution as a success. I also do not deny that my system might be kinda bad. 10 Everything is perfect and it resonates with me emotionally. 9 Everything is perfect but its not my kind of show or I really like it but theres an unforgivable flaw. 8 I actively look forward to every new episode. 7 I am entertained while its playing but not good enough for me to want more. 6 I will watch it if its on but dont find it entertaining. I admit that its a meaningful show that someone else might like. 5 I will watch it if its on but I dont think anyone should be watching it. 4 I think its actively bad but I try to not judge someone else who likes it. 3 I actively want to tell other people this show is bad but I think some parts of it are redeemable. 2 Its so bad that I dont know why it was made. 1 I despise the people who made such an intentionally bad show.

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