Top Reasons Why Men Hate Women Just because hes a misogynist doesnt mean he sleeps alone at night. Misogynists operate under a guise of being charming and charismatic. They wear nice to socially interact with others but not to be good and kind. Truth is these men appear happy but they arent. They have issues good enough for the psychiatrists couch. I once heard someone describe it as a woman with issues cries but a man with issues is dangerous and can seriously hurt somebody. Again this is beyond having issues. Most women have at least met one misogynist in their life because they dont come a dime dozen at least I hope not for you. Both sexes have questions about the other but this goes way beyond that. Below is a description of a misogynist: .what a misogynist truly loves is the shallow image of women that exists only in ones mind and is illustrated in society in such things as pornography or link mainstream media that espouses that ideal. The hatred is directed at real women for not living up to a misogynists expectations of women being easy to control and for not providing adequate stimulation for mens interest. So its more than not liking that women talk on the phone alot its a deeper hatred that can come from the wildest things born and bred. The hatred is so deep he may actually seek prey. I put together some reasons most inspired by a male friend who told me the truth about men who think like this. Men do talk about each other and this dude is just off. Or is he? Here are some of the reasons I listed on my blog earlier this week for Baller Alert. We had fun with it but sometimes the truth is in the pudding: 1. His penis is small 6 inches or below for black men like the little teapot short and stout 2. He hates his mother and oddly enough subconsciously blames her for his small penis 3. He makes very little money or makes a helluva lotta money he sees how women act with both and he hates them more 4. He is very short below 58 and suffers from a Napoleon Complex too bad combo 5. He was the object of constant ridicule in childhood mostly from girls about his weird ways or look or was distinctively ignored like he didnt exist 6. He was sexually abused as a child 7. His mother was a prostitute 8. He is a closeted homosexual 9. He lives alone beware of these men living alone for years and years 10. Hes isolated no one ever wants him on their team or damn it at their party if he isnt taking photos or doing something constructive Some men may argue that just because a man doesnt fit into a womans objective is why women label him a misogynist. And interestingly enough there are women who love men who hate them thats another blog. These women want to nurture and change the man. So the debate continues. Just keep the ruler out on the nightstand i dont really think any of these are necessarily true. theyre based mostly on the biological consequences of how said men are born. personally i consider myself a product of my surroundings. i dont have a small penis im 510 which i dont consider short i wasnt sexually abused as a child and had plenty of friends growing up i make a healthy amount of money for my age i love my mother and im not a homosexual but im starting to hate women too. im not a misogynist by any stretch of the imagination i believe that every human being on the planet has a baseline level of respect due to them for simply being alive. i havent met very many women lately who seem to follow this philosophy. it seems they think i have to impress them. ive done a lot with my life in a very short time. thats eight years of military service to you every man woman and child in this country i made three graphic novels two published ive got a college degree and a full head of hair. why should i have to be the one that has to prove that im worth anyones time? if anything women should be proving themselves to me. thats fair isnt it? shouldnt women be looking for better men the accomplished the hard workers the thinkers instead of guys that hit them and cheat on them? and when i seek them out they think of the rudest brashest most offensive things they can come up with and dont even filter themselves when they start talking. im sorry but im on a slippery slope right here. im losing faith fast. you cant say ones perceived hatred of women is their own fault anymore. weve given them too much power and its starting to go to their heads. people are the product of their surroundings and theres simply more to it than something you can put into a top ten style list. its a personal problem for a lot of people for a lot of reasons and i think its a symptom of a much larger problem though i have no clue what it may be i believe this is one of the few cases where the fault lies not on the individual but on society. Publishedunder copyright bylink Loveawake Utah 20102020.All rights reserved.