Lolis are the best. I watch pretty much anything but overall hate action and strongly prefer drama. I suck at AMQ but its still fun. Anyone who skips OPs/EDs is a loser. I write some amount of comments on most things Ive watched recently in the watched episode activities of the show. These are usually made with high detail in reference to specific things that happened in an episode though so I dont know how interesting they are to read. I dont care much for like spam but I like it when people like those activity comments since it lets me know people actually read them. My favorite characters seem to be shyer less outspoken people. They often have some random quirks that rarely show up which always makes me chuckle when they actually do. Oh and the sort of person who seems innocent but really isnt usually associated with little sisters for some reason. Use whatever pronouns you want slight preference toward she/her Dont expect me to follow you back. Ill do it if you score your anime and tastes align enough though. Bonus points for Anime Manga. I notice that I have too much trouble differentiating different characters in manga and I love the extra element of choice that a good visual novel has. Im trying to read light novels if its the source instead of watching the anime though I dont always do that and if the story is good I tend to want to watch the anime anyways just because of how much I like the format. Though only if an english translation actually exists and goes at least as far as the anime. My rating scale involves looking at nearby ratings and slotting it between a show I liked more than it and a show I liked less than it. Im currently trying to keep the average below 68. Stuff that exists but dont have an AL page:

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