Gale ♦ 29 ♦ They/them

Artist & rodent enthusiast. True crime, paranormal, BL, shounen, sci-fi shoujo & horror-manga fan. If you'd like to see my art, check out my Instagram!

My biggest hobby besides art is collecting English manga (and some figures, okay). I keep up with a few current releases, but I also really like picking up older, hard-to-find printings. It's pretty exciting when something I own becomes rare and OOP, even if I just keep it to myself.

I only keep shows on my drop list if I watched a good chunk of them or completed an entire arc. Or if I just feel like it? Sometimes I remove them just because I feel like it too. I don't like clutter.

My most unpopular opinion is probably that I don't particularly like Hayao Miyazaki or Osamu Tezuka's work, but I do love Tezuka's art in general and it's a big inspiration for me.

My Scoring Guidelines:

1-4 = A sliding scale of terrible.
5 = Would not recommend. Mediocre, frustrating, or not worth the time.
6 = It was okay. I probably wouldn't watch it again.
7= I enjoyed this. "So bad, it's good" tends to go here too.
8-10 = I really, really enjoyed this.

Manga/LNs I'm currently collecting:

♦ Ajin: Demi-Human
♦ Gantz (Omnibus)
♦ Hunter x Hunter ☼
♦ InuYasha (Omnibus)
♦ Kimetsu no Yaiba ☼
♦ Magical Girl Raising Project (LN) ☼
♦ Mob Psycho 100 ☼
♦ Mysterious Girlfriend X
♦ My Hero Academia
♦ Re:Zero (LN)
♦ Tokyo Ghoul:re
♦ Witch Hat Atelier ☼

☼ = caught up to current release

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