Hi Im a college student currently going through my midlife crisis. Im as jaded as a boomer and as nihilistic as a millennial but possess nearly all the rest of the qualities of a Gen Zer particularly the bad sense of humor. I waste most of my time playing video games listening to or playing music and watching anime and reading manga and I have little to no regrets doing so. Ratings are given on a scale of 10 in 5 different categories respectively: story characters visuals audio enjoyment. Manga doesnt have the audio category for obvious reasons. Occasionally there may be a bias score. I rate with a mix of attempted objectivity and subjectivity and I will almost always give reasoning to my ratings usually in the little notes section of each entry unless Im lazy and havent gotten to it yet. Numeric scores tend to be fuzzy but if I had to qualify my ratings it would be something like: 10 masterpiece 7 to 9 varying from good to very very good 5 to 6 average or okay 3 to 4 bad or pretty bad 1 to 2 awful People have very different tastes so I hesitate to recommend manga and anime that I simply rate high. If you really want them ask directly for recommendations. Challenge Badge collection hopefully will be growing soon 32https://awc.nymh.moe/assets/seasonal/4BsfKrQ2oZU44.gif 32https://awc.nymh.moe/assets/genres/BbxyKvRdzm6Se5b.png 32https://awc.nymh.moe/assets/genres/KL8FQZmbzoEJ4XR43.png Community Badges 32https://i.ur.com/DGD4fuR.png 32https://i.ur.com/S6Z5kNk.png 32https://i.ur.com/ZjnJwpn.png 32https://i.ur.com/p8qgy2Q.png 32https://i.ur.com/IwY4qEQ.png

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