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First of all, I like to have fun. Secondly, I like good stories.

My ratings of media are based on both how much fun I had and how good I thought it was. After I finish watching a show/movie, I form an opinion and sort it into one of five categories. I don't like numbered scores, as they feel undefined and arbitrary (unless they are explained, which makes the numbers unnecessary, I think.) I use the 3 point smiley system, both because it implies the least amount of comparisons between works, and it's the least number-based. For the other two categories, I use a custom list and the list of my favorites.

The five categories, from "worst" to "best":

Disliked :(
A rating I have yet to give, since when I hate something, I stop watching.

Meh :I
For shows that I can't say I liked, for one reason or another. Perhaps it wasn't for me, I thought it was terrible, or the ending just ruined it. (Don't take it to mean that I hate the show or think it's bad. It means that I didn't really enjoy it. If I feel like it, I'll leave a comment on my list explaining why.)

Liked :)
My most common rating, as I tend to watch things I think I'll enjoy. Any work that I'm willing to admit to liking, but don't fit the next two categories go here. This necessarily means that some of these are really good, and some are average. But all are worth checking out.

"Classics" (Represented in a custom list.)
A rating reserved for only those shows that are outstanding. They all resonated with me in a way that I don't hesitate to call them "classics". If a work doesn't have a great story, it won't make it in here.
They all have a distinct feel that appealed to me. Of course, I recommend all of them to basically anyone.
All my favorites are included as well, because why have self-imposed rules that can't bend to my emotions to express how I feel.

Works that moved me deeply in some way, giving me a cherished memory of the time I spent watching. They made me overlook their flaws and give them a metaphorical 10/10. They are the ones I will definitely rewatch and recommend to everyone. (Realizing that ultimately, this is all just my personal experience - favorites are the most personal of all.)

-I've been watching seasonal anime since Fall 2018, before that I saw very few shows.
-Not much of a manga reader (yet)
-Hobbies include music, writing and of course, watching/reading stories in any form, be it anime, visual novels, books, films, TV series or what have you.
-Feel free to strike up a conversation, I like meeting new people.

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