Sup dawgs. Im unimportantuser. Whenever Im not talking about my immense love of Maison Ikkoku 3gatsu no Lion Cowboy Bebop. Or my immense hatred of Mari Okada works the like. Im just having a good time watching anime writing about anime for fun. The reason I watch anime is because it just has something that other art forms dont in my opinion. The art directing styles that certain creatives can achieve in this field is mind blowing. Some of the stories told through this medium the imagery that theyre portrayed through it also why I watch anime. I do play Video Games on the occasion go back forth on Music generally lurk. I do write anime reviews but I dont take review requests. The reason for this is because I dont have a drive to review something when Im expected to review something or have my best abilities to write about why I like something or why I hate something. I write best when I come to my own conclusions judge things for myself. Also I really only have 2 kind of reviews. Glowing reviews where I praise most if not all aspects about something I really like. Or negative reviews in which I slam apart some really atrocious work in the vein effort to get some laughs out of my friends and/or various anilist/MAL users since I upload my reviews to both sites. My other accounts RYM: Twitter: MAL:

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