Yo Its me Gatsu. Thanks for checking me out. It goes without saying that Im a weeb. Ive been proudly rocking that mantle since I was a little dork still wet behind the ears. I knew the exact time Toonami would come on and I was ecstatic when my favorite astral robot would announce the days schedule. I remember being on the edge of my seat when an enraged Gohan powered up to take on Cell and when Naruto pummeled Gaara into submission. Those moments became immortalized for me and it was a gateway to much other anime I cherish. I related to the characters I watched on a week to week basis I became enamored with this new media and here I am a twentyyearold man still enjoying anime. As my taste evolve I recognize that there are many anime that surpass the ones I used to hold up as the pinnacle of storytelling but I will always have a soft spot for shounen anime. When Im not gushing over anime and manga Im playing video games reading comics novels and writing my own stories. Ive recently got into music. I want to be a creator and I owe it to the amazing people who created the art I hold dear. Hit me up I wont bite unless you say something completely stupid and untrue like Izuku Midoriya is not best boy. That is blasphemy :