My followers are my pokemons.
Together we shall conquer the world!
idk what'll i do next tho...

Why are you here?

Came from MAL. You can reconize me by my "Hello fellow MAL refugee" or "Have a nice day"
If i somehow cannot see (Probably my internet browser) the picture you post, i use "it's treason then"

I heard you have some sort of Score system?

I started with 10 point system on MAL because it suits for an objective matter. There are about 9-10 things that i'm looking for on a show to determine how good the show is.

Then i came here and i read some comments on 100 point system so i give it a try but it turns out way more subjective. So here is my solution on xx/100 point system.

*The x0/100 part is my OBJECTIVE score. Basicly if it's between 60-69 (the numbers include) it's actually 6/10 then i use my subjective score for "but which one is better than others?"
So if both are 6/10 objectively but i like A more than B, then B 60/100 and A is 61/100
So the 6x/100 part is SUBJECTIVE for a 6/10 score.

Here is the 10 things i check for my point system on MAL aka 10 point system
-Is it my personel favourite despite the flaws? if yes, It's 10. if no, i check the belows
-Does the story good, objectively? Even if someone who don't like the genre would give a chance? -Did i able to guess plot twist right? Is there a plot twist?
-How much information the producer collected for the story?
-Does it have character development?
-Does the character interactions organic?
-The tags/genres is in a harmony? Example, It's battle-shounen yes but is there enough comedy too?
-Is there at least one thing makes me thought incredibly fantastic? Maybe fluid animation? Visual eyegasm? OST?
-Final episode(s)? Was it satisfying? Does story conclude well? Is there any un-answered questions? The answers are satisfying or not?
- Can i improve the show by any means? if yes it's 7 or below if no it's 8 or 9.

I just read a comment of yours...Are you always this retarded on your grammar? Why are you rude to that person? Are you try to be banned?

*I'm either dead serious or full joke on comments, no between. So if you ever doubt about my comment that "it's rude? is that a meme?" know that i'm just joking and my intentions are always good.

A little personal information perhaps?

Name: you probably can't pronounce anyway so just go with "Veritas" would ya?
Discord:veritas (manwha)# 3194
But i don't use much because of my patoto computer (i love my computer tho)
Height: 183cm
Weight: 76kg
Race: human...probably...hopefully
Class: Bard-Though novice level, i like writing and drawing. Also i can play an instrument
-AMV, my youtube list is all about amv that i find legendary
-Filthy casual on games, i couldn't keep up recent games due to my old computer tho
-Pixar movies are best
-Either games, anime, movies etc. all i really care about
Great story, amazing plot twists, Character development!
but most importantly fluid/natural/organic character interactions

Favourite youtubers
Gigguk: Tho i don't always agreed upon with him i find his videos great
Supereyepatchwolf: His voice and narrative skills is enough for this channel
Mother's basement: Sometimes his video quality is dropped but his upload speed is make up for it.

According to internet quiz i take as a dnd fan, here is my real life stats, i also adjust it a little. For example it says CHR 12 and CON 15 DEX 8 but for me this is better

Skills: Talking with anyone about anything as long as they answer me.
Super power: Able to eat anything and not gain weight

Is there any topic you started here?

Here is my first topic
Here is my second topic

is that the whole script? Would you put down that gun on my face?

Sorry i got carried away. Do you want ice cream?
You still haven't put down the gun...
Oh right...

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