Kiritsugu Emiya

衛宮 切嗣, Magus Killer, Kerry, EMIYA (Assassin)
Birthday:Nov 11
Birthday: November 11 1965 Height: 175 cm Weight: 67 kg Blood Type: AB Sidearm: Thompson contender in conjunction with his Mystic Code Origin Bullets Shirous foster father and his savior from the aftermath of the massive Fuyuki fire. During his lifetime Kiritsugu was disillusioned with becoming a Hero of Justice a defender of humanity who could save everyone. Although he feels he failed to do so his efforts were a source of inspiration for Shirou. Prior to his fateful meeting with Shirou Kiritsugu was notorious as the Magus Killer a freelancer who would hunt down heretical magi. Although he was a magus with Magic Circuits and abilities he was considered unorthodox in that he would utilize modern technology and weaponry along with his magecraft to track down and kill magi. Although mentioned and seen in flashbacks in Fate/stay night Kiritsugu is one of the main protagonists in its prequel Fate/Zero.