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I need your skull!

One of my friends is watching Utena and, ugh, now all I want to do is rewatch it. Next year. It's barely been a year since I saw it.


Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl-senpai no Yume wo Minai
Comedy, Romance, Slice of Life,
TV · Releasing · Fall 2018 · 77%
To summarise this 3eps masterpiece so far:

"Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai,


ekhm, now Mai, why don't you show them my new waifu?

Read chapter 62 - 203 of Kimi no Iru Machi

BBFC Demands Cuts To Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid

"General cuts list issued" to remove sexual material involving 15 and 16 year-old characters ― Anime UK News reports that the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) has published the minutes on a recent meeting, in which it said that the series Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid would need to be cut before British release. It was not specified which distributor had asked to release the series in the UK. Fr...

I just finished rewatching Ping Pong the Animation and a few days ago I completed reading the manga its based on. Its amazing that Yuasa managed to find a way to deliver a faithful adaptation while still having enough space to leave his own mark on the story. There's things he added, there's things he did differently, yet it all suits the story Matsumoto wrote. I've noticed people in the past who love this anime, but don't seem aware of the fact that its based on a manga and I just really want to encourage people to try reading it and possibly seek out Matsumoto's other manga like Tekkonkinkreet or Sunny which I am currently reading and enjoying a lot.

Read chapter 77 - 122 of Gin no Saji
2D > 3D

Not a bad day by any means, at least by itself.

However, that one manga I completed today made my mood so sour and irritable.

Thankfully, an episode of Slime managed to improve my mood. It never fails to do so. Now it's starting to get late so I think I am going to call it for now.

Also, Grand Blue is the winner of the poll, so that's the manga I will be reading next, can't wait! Only read a chapter but it looks quite more promising than the anime. With that said..

Good Night. Hope you all sleep well! ^^


After School Special

S a u c e

Watched episode 21 of Aikatsu! 2

Userscript v1.40
Mainly just that some of the code has been in production long enough to be considered stable. Some small bug fixes. The only new feature is favourite count on staff pages.

Feature suggestions are welcome.
You can also send me a function if you want to write something yourself. Just provide an explanation of what the code does. You can assume your function will be run on the correct, fully loaded, page.
My script is intended to be under a free license, but please tell me how I best can state that.

Unrelated: 3 more people figured out how to use PMs. I saw a lot of good thinking from people trying to crack it, which may result in some other techniques. The most interesting one is a possible way to prevent people you PM from "inviting" more people. Currently, only the sender and the receiver can view the message initially, but both can ping other people to "invite" them.

Watched episode 4 - 5 of Kyoukai no Kanata

C u r s e d


Jesus how fast these days go I'm already on my 4th set of gifs for these days' headers...
I'm quite proud of myself today. I finally got into the top 60k in osu! and it was really grindy.
Other than that... Hmm... I went to buy some clothes with my parents, and that's basically it. I was sitting in front of my computer all day.
Oh yeah, I also wasted about 2 hours trying to figure out how to send those god damn DMs... @hoh, I hope you feel good right now. Cause I sure wasn't.
(give me the secret plz wink wink)

Question # 5:

  • Do you watch any AniTubers? If so, who?

  • I watch TheAnimeMan, Gigguk, and KHORnime for the compilations.

    That's it for this day, good night AniList!

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    Does anyone have an idea to "how to organize my profile?".

    I wanted to put an url of some website or other thing that have my history, other url with my favorite animes, other with favorite openings/endings ... (like in mine myanimelist but with url)

    I was thinking about putting some type of online word but what do you guys recommend?

    Watched episode 1 - 5 of Ghost Hunt

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