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Any fluids meant to be intentionally mistaken for the others and used in a sexual context will be treated as the liquid they are attempting to imitate. **Nudity** such as exposed pubic hair, pubic regions, exposed female nipples/areola , bare breasts , or bare buttocks. **Clothed crotches** that take up the majority of the frame. **Sexual or sexually implied images of childlike characters.** Given the age of a character, the stated age should be immaterial; what is important is the visual design of the character in that image. **Real graphic violence** such as extreme amounts of blood, gore, or violence. User Behaviour: Trolling, harassing, or abusing users will not be tolerated. Context will always matter around a possible infraction. Conspiring with others or harassing an underprivileged class may result in harsher punishments than the reverse. Some examples of what can be considered harassment are as follows: Repeatedly sending insulting messages. Dogpiling. 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Users should be able to get a general understanding of the thread by its title alone. Forum thread titles should be free of spoilers. All forum tags should be relevant to the thread. Thread quality: Refrain from posting “Where can I find/watch/read...?” threads. Recommendation threads should be as specific as possible and replies should be relevant. If you are just wanting titles that are similar to a specific entry, please refer to the recommendation section on an entries page. Threads should have a clear purpose for existing and aim to incite meaningful discussion. Threads with little meaning should be posted as activity posts instead. Such threads can include, but are not limited to: Arbitrary “this or that” threads. Onesided threads. Threads made just for ranting or to incite anger/troll others. Hyperspecific threads that aren’t meaningfully different from other already existing threads. Questionnaire/survey threads. 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Foreign Language Threads Filipino Spanish/Español Portuguese/Português Italian/Italiano Arabic/العربية French/Français Romanian/Română Japanese/日本語 Ukranian/українська German/Deutsch Russian/русский Indonesian Hungarian/Magyar Polish/Polski Reviews Completed Works Animated works, manga, light novels, etc should have finished releasing except for the following exceptions: The work must have been releasing for at least two years. or A work may be reviewed if it has stopped releasing for at least 6 months and does not have any official announcement on it continuing. Dropped Works Reviews of works that users have dropped are permitted, in the event that they have seen/read at least 75% of it, rounding up. Reviews of dropped works must follow the other rules with regards to currently releasing titles. Spoilers: If your review contains spoilers, either preface the review with a warning or use spoiler tags. Review length: The minimum character count is there for a reason, do not pad your review to reach it. Plagiarism: Only post reviews that were written by yourself, plagiarised reviews will be deleted and may lead to a review ban. This includes using AI to generate/assist in writing reviews. Basic grammar: Please try to follow basic grammar rules. There's no need for it to be perfect, but the average user shouldn't have to struggle to understand your review. Images: Images should only be used if they support the text in some way. Fanart is not to be used in reviews. Review Quality: Do not comment on fans of a work or detractors of a work, in either a positive or negative fashion. Do not simply summarize the work. Do not criticize the score or popularity of the work. Do not advertise any links that are not directly relevant to the text of the review. The review should be a review of that specific work and not for other related works. An exception can be made if its for a work that is released in a split cour schedule or some other delayed release. You are welcome to reference another review you have posted on AniList to help elaborate on some beliefs in your review. Discord While not all the above guidelines will be implemented in discord, common sense and good etiquette should be used. Refer to the **Welcome** channel on the discord for a full rule list. Any users causing trouble can face temporary bans which can be a day to much longer, with it becoming permanent if justified. Data Submissions Submission Manual: Create New Anime: Create New Manga/Light Novel: New Characters and Staff can only be created through the anime and manga forms' Character and Staff subpages. This is the same whether you are submitting a new entry or editing an existing one. Existing anime and manga entries can be edited using the edit button at the bottom left of their page. Existing staff and character entries can be edited using the edit icon button at the top right of their page Please only contact moderators to ask for questions or advice, not to ask them to add entire entries for you. You can contact a member of the team on Discord. Alternatively, you can message a data moderator from the moderator page. A submissionssupport channel in the Discord is now open.
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unpopular opinions / hot takes
Just a thread to list some unpopular opinions you may have about anime/manga/characters/ etc. I'll start: I don't like Himouto Umaruchan, and I don't think Umaru is cute
Pick an anime from the above user's list + they'll reply with an unpopular opinion about it
Start with me : Comment like this eg. @deeznuts And reply with an unpopular opinion that you have
Trying to find Keyman promotional art in non-sample quality, as well as a promotional booklet ("Mankiki"(?) volume 7)
I've been digging through Comic Natalie's website lately and found a goldmine of official art that remains largely unseen by the Englishspeaking part of Keyman's fanbase. From what I gather, many of these were illustrations given out as bonuses for ordering specific volumes from specific bookstores . 200 200 200 200 200 200 If anybody has any of these illustrations in nonsample quality, without the watermarks, can provide any more information on them, or got their hands on this promotional booklet that included a short behindthescenes on Keyman , I'd really appreciate contacting me .
Mushoku Tensei Season Two Split Second Cour Announced
JulySeptember 2023: 1st cour AprilJune 2024: 2nd cour What do you guys feel about this news? Personally I’m fine with the 6month break since that means they’ll do the upcoming arcs right .220
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[Spoilers] Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation Season 2 - Episode 13 [12] Discussion
What a great episode, very happy with how they handled it as a LN reader. The only downside is now having to wait until April to see the rest of the season and my favourite volumes in the story adapted.
[Spoilers] Pocket Monsters (2023) - Liko and Roy's Departure Discussion
This discussion here is to mainly talk about the first arc of the new Pokémon anime, "Liko and Roy's Departure". There is a grand total of 23 episodes in this arc. What do you think about the new Pokémon anime as of current? Do you have a favorite episode? The Episode Catalouge 1. The Pendant of Beginnings, Part 1 2. The Pendant of Beginnings, Part 2 3. As Long as I'm with Sprigatito, I'm sure 4. A PassedDown Treasure 5. I Found You, Fuecoco 6. The Ancient Monster Ball 7. Special Training Captain Pikachu 8. Mystery of the Unopening Door 9. Arrival in Paldea 1. With Nemona and Brassius 1. The Arboliva's Forest 1. The Future I Chose 1. A Sudden Picnic 1. Fly Wattrel 1. It's Someone You Can't See Whosawhatsit? 1. As Long As I'm With Quaxly, I Can Do It 1. Wattrel and Fuecoco: Secret Training 1. Flying Pikachu, Soaring High 1. The Truth About Alcremie 1. Kabu's Battle Training 1. The Lonely Hateena 1. Clash Galar Mine 1. Galarian Moltres Blazes Up
[Spoilers] Dandadan Chapter 122 - Discussion
The new guy doesn't seem quite as intimidating as the last chapter made him out to be, but it's possible he just learned to hide it very quickly. Love the scenes of everyone just blatantly using their powers in public 700
[Spoilers] TenPuru - Episode 12 Discussion
Well there goes another harem anime. Kagura was probably the most fun of this. I personally was kind of bummed that the ending was a "let's remember everyone the main couple" instead of actually going around the temple issue. But it's probably just me.
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[Spoilers] Dandadan Chapter 122 - Discussion
The new guy doesn't seem quite as intimidating as the last chapter made him out to be, but it's possible he just learned to hide it very quickly. Love the scenes of everyone just blatantly using their powers in public 700
[Spoilers] Ao no Orchestra Episode 22 Discussion
Aaa the concert's finally starting :o can't wait to hear the orchestra's whole performance I like Takeda's story about how he didn't know anything about music before high school and just decided to join the orchestra one day, he is literally so mee
[Spoilers] Houseki no Kuni Chapter 104 - Discussion
We are definitely heading towards a conclusion. I've really enjoyed these few chapters in which Phos gets to experience some real peace, but what comes next will be interesting. 500
[Spoilers] Akane-banashi Chapter 79 - Discussion
It's great to see everyone moving forward They could have easily just focused on Akane and her progress, but there's a tangible effort to see everyone taking steps to better themselves. This new arc will be interesting. Chocho and Taizen used to be close with her father, so there's plenty that could be explored in their interactions
[Spoilers] Blue Box Chapter 118 - Discussion
Valentine's Day chapter coming up It's great to see how well the story is including these new romances without sacrificing some time for Chinatsu and Taiki. I'm a little worried about what'll happen with Hina though, it feels like the story is leaning away from her and towards Kyo and Ayame.