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What is Anilist lacking for you to never look back?
I'm one of many who have turned to alternatives due to the unacceptable issues MAL has had over the past month. Anilist is so far the best website I have stumbled upon, and it has many features I prefer over MAL, however it also lacks some features that would truly make me not want to look back. One such example is the Recommendations feature, which I've seen suggested a few times, however I have seen no admin respond or provide any form of ETA. The lack of such feature forces me to go back to MAL when I want to see recommendations. Are the admins of Anilist sufficiently capitalizing on MAL's situation? What is Anilist lacking for you personally? What would make Anilist the best Anime website so that more and more people can come over? ModEdit: We now have an AniList Roadmap with planned features that you can check out here
Describe the last anime you watched as BADLY as possible, the other person has to guess it
its exactly what it says, just describe it as BADLY as possible and the next person has to guess it and just make a new post and tag the other guy in it i'll begin **girls riding around in ww2 and just gathering stuff**
Comunidad en Español
Después de la caída de MAL tanto yo como muchos otros hemos empezado a usar este maravilloso sitio,sin embargo me siento un poco solo y aunque en MAL no socializaba este sitio me incita mas a hacerlo. Como he decidido quedarme aquí creo que lo mejor que puedo hacer es conocer a personas que hablen mi idioma y la mejor manera para hacerlo es creando este hilo. Espero que nos conozcamos entre todos.
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[Spoilers] DARLING in the FRANXX - Episode 24 Discussion
Discussion thread for Darling in the Franxx episode 24. Aired Saturday, 07Jul2018 23:30:00 JST. You can find/watch Darling in the Franxx at the following sites: Official Site Twitter Crunchyroll Funimation Hulu What did you think of the episode? Favorite scene/moment? Enjoying the series so far? What do you expect or want to happen next? This is an automated thread, if you would like to take ownership of this thread please message @Josh
Overlord III - Episode 1 Discussion
Crunchyroll So this was basically a filler episode to ease us back in. Was fun to see the cast again.
[Spoilers] Phantom in the Twilight - Episode 1 [Discussion]
You know, after and I was expecting this season's Shoujo Vampire Thing to be more garbage, but the first episode was surprisingly competent. I mean, it's not gonna set the world on fire, but it set the plot up without overexplicating, the protagonist isn't a complete pushover, the guys don't seem like complete idiots or jerks, and pretty much everything that happens makes sense. I mean, maybe that's a low bar, but they definitely cleared it. And this might be a weird thing to mention, but a lot less offmodel shots for Phantom than for the other two, too. Again, nothing here to write home about, but if shoujo vampire romance adventures are up your alley this looks like it could be worth the watch, based on the first ep.
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Help with Friends on this website
is there any way to search up individual people's usernames on this website? i'm trying to add my irl friends but i dont know how to search up their usernames on AniList.
Start Date has wrong day of the week
I see there is an issue with the start date, I first I was seeing people say might be timezone. but looking at it, the start date is on the wrong day of the week. example Thursday being 11th, while on the finish date it says Wednesday being the 11th.
Anime similar to Rewrite?
I really loved this 'modern times but also summoning and special powers' kind of theme that was going on in Rewrite. Are there any other similar stuff to it? It just had this unique feel to it that I want to try and find in another anime.