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These guidelines are at the interpretation of the mods and admins of the site. Ignoring any of these guidelines may result in content being removed, locked or even your account being banned from AniList. These guidelines may be altered from time to time without an announcement. However in most circumstances any changes will be discussed with the community beforehand. If you have any queries or suggestions regarding the below, create a topic with the Site Feedback tag or query one of us on Discord and we will get back to you. General Site Guidelines Copyrighted content: Discussing, linking or guiding others to illicit copyrighted content is prohibited. This includes streaming websites/apps, torrents, direct downloads etc. Mature content: Media should not contain nudity or real extreme violence. NSFW images should not contain explicit nudity of any kind bodily fluids, exposed nipples, bare breasts, crotches, buttocks, etc. Ecchi or other questionable content should be contained within spoiler tag and labeled as such outside of the tags. Content deemed NSFW may be removed by a moderator. User behaviour: Trolling, harassing or abusing users will not be tolerated. Posting sectarian, racist or illegal content is prohibited. Offensive user names, bios, avatars and banners will be changed. Accounts must not impersonate other people or users. Spoilers: All spoilers should be contained within spoiler tags . Spam Any posts or statuses deemed as spam by a mod will be removed Don't make alternate accounts solely for posting statuses unless permission has been given by a member of staff. Do not repost activity to skew the home page feed. Advertising: Any text intended to generate traffic to external websites or another page within AniList will be removed. Exception can be granted to users who create something related to AniList. Please use the Content Creators General thread if you've like to show off something you've created. Discord: Do not advertise Discord servers. You may however link your discord server in your bio or share it if it is requested directly. General: Do not abuse AniList systems or features. Link shorteners are not allowed. Please use markdown instead. Do not post excessively fast flashing colors or images. Sarcasm should be in italics. Forum Guidelines Language: For now, all new threads and replies should be in English apart from a single general discussion thread for other languages. Titles Please don't post thread titles all in caps. Quality Titles: Thread titles should be descriptive and accurate to the threads content. Users should be able to get a general understanding of the thread by it’s title alone. Thread quality: Refrain from posting 'Where can I find/watch/read *' threads. Recommendation threads should be as specific as possible and replies should be relevant. Threads should have a clear purpose for existing and aim to incite meaningful discussion. Threads with little meaning should be posted as activity posts instead. Duplicates/Spam: Duplicate topics will be removed use the search function before posting. Please edit posts instead of successive posting when possible. Spoilers: All spoilers on top level activity posts or on the forums should be contained within spoiler tags. Questionnaires/Surveys: Questionnaire/Survey threads are not allowed. Please use the Content Creators General thread or create an activity status post instead. Foreign Language Threads Filipino Spanish/Español Portuguese/Português Italian/Italiano Arabic/العربية French/Français Romanian/Români Japanese/日本語 German/Deutsch Russian/русский Reviews Applicable anime/manga Anime should have finished airing For ongoing manga, light novels etc. use your own judgement on whether there is enough content to create a review. Spoilers: If your review contains spoilers, either preface the review with a warning or use spoiler tags. Review length: The minimum character count is there for a reason, do not pad your review to reach it. Plagiarism: Only post reviews that were written by yourself, plagiarised reviews will be deleted. Basic grammar: Please try to follow basic grammar rules. There's no need for it to be perfect, but the average user shouldn't have to struggle to understand your review. Images: Images should only be used if they support the text in some way. Fanart is not to be used in reviews. Review Quality: Do not comment on fans of a work or detractors of a work, in either a positive or negative fashion. Do not simply summarize the work. Do not criticize the score or popularity of the work. Discord While not all the above guidelines will be implemented in discord, common sense and good etiquette should be used. The harassing or trolling of users will not be tolerated. Please do not post spoilers. Any users causing trouble can face temporary bans which can be a day to much longer, with it becoming permanent if justified. Data Submissions Submission Manual: Create New Anime: Create New Manga/Light Novel: New Characters and Staff can only be created through the anime and manga forms' Character and Staff subpages. This is the same whether you are submitting a new entry or editing an existing one. Existing anime and manga entries can be edited using the edit button at the bottom left of their page. Existing staff and character entries can be edited using the edit icon button at the top right of their page Please only contact moderators to ask for questions or advice, not to ask them to add entire entries for you. You can contact a member of the team on Discord. Alternatively, you can message a data moderator from the moderator list in the manual. A submissionssupport channel in the Discord is now open.
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[KC] Guess The Anime: Fall 2021
All seasonal *degenerates* unite, for your time has come This is your chance to flex your vast knowledge of seasonal anime You can recognize any waifu from the weekly isekai, you say? Well, this challenge is ***just for you***. Join us in this ***epic*** showdown between all of AniList's seasonal watchers in a fierce battle to find out who the biggest seasonal *degenerate* is once and for all Welcome everyone to GTA, Grand Thef I mean.. Guess The Anime A *totally* original idea we came up with, now on AniList We’ll provide you with a ***handselected screenshot*** from one of this season's anime, and you’ll get to guess which anime it belongs to. For every correct guess, you get one point. Simple, right? But there's a twist... The more you play, the harder the images get, and for every incorrect guess, you lose a point A total score will be assigned to you along with a rank that places you in order from the *biggest seasonal degenerate* to the lowest. So don't disgrace yourself, and prove your might to the world Guess correctly, and have fun To Participate in this Event Comment down on this forum thread, and our bot will respond within **5 minutes&x2a;** in the form of a private DM. In the private DM, you will be provided a screenshot of a seasonal anime. You will also be **provided with four options** to guess which anime the image is from. To submit your guess, simply reply to the DM with the answer of your choosing . The bot will reply back, informing you whether your guess was correct or not. You will also be awarded points based on your performance. Be warned you are being timed You have only **2 minutes&x2a;&x2a;** to reply to the private DM. You can check where you rank against your fellow AniListers here: **Disclaimer:** To participate, your account must be set to public/semipublic. Fine Details As stated above, you receive one point for every correctly guessed anime, but you lose a point for every incorrectly guessed anime. If no guesses are made within the allocated time &x2a;&x2a; this will be counted as an "incorrect answer," and you will be deducted a point. You may only request once every 5 minutes to ensure that anyone gets a fair chance to participate. This is being done to comply with AniList’s ratelimiting on comments / DMs. &x2a;The amount of time until the bot replies may vary depending on the traffic. In the eventuality that the bot cannot DM you within the allocated 5 minutes, **it will drop your request**. This is being done to prevent accidental point loss while you’re inactive. &x2a;&x2a;The actual time taken by the bot to verify your attempt may very. If you submit your guess early enough, the bot may verify your answers within a minute. In any case, the time is up in no less than 118 seconds . You may only guess one time per image, any further guesses will be ignored. You will not be able to participate more than **five times** per day. The more you participate, the harder the images will get. Prizes This can’t be a Kusogaki event if it didn't have prizes to go along with it, right? So fear not, we got you covered with our ***wonderful*** badges made by our beloved events team The type of badge you receive will be determined by the amount of points you’ve gathered. The list is as follows: At least 13 points for the **Noob Badge** At least 35 points for the **Intermediate Badge** At least 55 points for the **Expert Badge** If you happen to rank near the top of the leaderboard, who knows, you might be getting a special prize… And if you don’t want our badges but still want to dominate the leaderboard just to spite everyone else, feel free to If you have any lingering questions/concerns/or feedback you want to give at all, please do so at the link below. If you like this event and want to see more like this, subscribe to our events thread to get notified when it drops If *you* have any suggestions for future events, please send your ideas to our suggestion thread
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11 episodes, 1 cour?
Is this gonna be a split cour release for season 2? I thought it'd be a two cour series done in one go.
[Spoilers] Takt Op Destiny - Episode 10 Discussion
What did you think of the episode? Favorite scene/moment? Enjoying the series so far? What do you expect or want to happen next?
[Spoilers] Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation Part 2 - Episode 10 Discussion
What did you think of the episode? Favorite scene/moment? Enjoying the series so far? What do you expect or want to happen next? Pogger Episode 300
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one piece bountys
does anyone know bounty each straw hat has and the picture used in the anime if you get me
is there a need to watch the mugen train arc to watch the entertainment district arc?
just need someone to clear this up for me and maybe other people that are also wondering the same thing
Out of these few anime, which should I watch next in order of first to last?
As I have many anime in my ptw list, I have narrowed it down to these few anime. Which should I watch next in order of best to worst? Fruits Basket Cowboy Bebop Dimension W Serious Experiments Lain Science Fell in Love, So I Tried to Prove it Orange Nisekoi Love, Chunibyou & Other Delusions Haven't You Heard? I'm Sakamoto Dorehedoro Anohana
Suggest Me some Full Color Manga
I need to read manhwa tell me some good ones with demons , full color. Some thing like 1. 1. 1. 1. Thanks