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Why do we need your help? AniList & AniChart currently runs out of pocket, and is run by volunteers. The sites are free to use, but adsupported, however ads don't make enough to support the sites and we don't want to fill our pages with countless ads that can ruin your experience. Your donations will allow us to cover our server payments and keep the sites running long into the future. With more donations we'll even be able to hire a full time developer to work on improving and adding to the sites consistently. Why don't you make a "Pro" account with more features instead of relying on donations? Simply put we don't want to block features from users who can't afford to pay. We don't have any features in the pipeline that would cost us more to run, and we feel restricting features that don't cost us any extra would be wrong to our users. What do I get for donating? As we don't want to restrict features from any users, donator rewards are largely either sentimental or cosmetic. As we implement new features into the sites we'll be sure to think of more things we can offer to our donators . The minimum donation amount is $1 but please check below or the Patreon for specific rewards at this time, onetime donations will receive equivalent rewards for the same amount of time . Monthly donations or Onetime donations We'll be incredibly thankful for any donation you can give, tho recurring monthly donations will allow us greater financial stability in the months to come. If Patreon isn't your thing you can also do monthly donations via PayPal. Donation Rewards/Month $1 Tier Donator badge Discord patreon role Test out beta features before everyone else $3 Tier AniList & AniChart ads removed Custom profile colors $5 Tier Animated Gif Avatars Custom donator badge text on profile $10 Tier Custom donator badge text sitewide Super discord patreon role $20 Tier Sitewide animated rainbow donator badge A massive thanks to anyone who donates, we really appreciate it :
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Please note that this roadmap and changelog is not a comprehensive list of all bugs and features to be addressed or implemented in the future. Priorities may change dependant on the needs of the website and user base. Exact release dates can't be given, but feel free to ask on the Anilist discord server. Use the Subscribe button at the bottom of this post for notifications on new site updates. AniList Feature Roadmap Top Priority Bug fixing/UI improvements New submissions system Notification Rework More patreon/donator rewards Staff/Character/Studio sorting/filtering Browsing by origin country Recommendations High Priority Anime song data List mass editing List row numbers More options around Twitter integration Separate companies out of Studios Add more fields to and clarify following section on anime/manga page Quick list edit on anime/manga pages Add favourite counts to Staff/Character/Studio pages Episode & volume count stats Browse list/table view List export & auto backups Improve airing page Add forum threads & comments to user’s social page Low Priority Groups/Clubs Auto recommendations Staff/Character name order/language options More character & staff images Additional fields for characters & staff User uploadable images Achievements & more statistics Adding activity types for reviews, thread creation etc Show score, progress, and other data on specific activity Polls Manga publications Review comments Show anime/manga that make up stats for Staff/Actor/Character/Studio stats Very Low Priority Site translation Industry News
AniList Guidelines & Data Submissions
These guidelines are at the interpretation of the mods and admins of the site. Ignoring any of these guidelines may result in content being removed, locked or even your account being banned from AniList. These guidelines may be altered from time to time without an announcement. However in most circumstances any changes will be discussed with the community beforehand. If you have any queries or suggestions regarding the below, create a topic with the Site Feedback tag or query one of us on Discord and we will get back to you. Data Submission You can submit new entries for the database using the following links. If you are looking to amend data on a current entry then you can do so on the entry/staff pages. 2018/06 Edit: Episode 0's and Prologues are included within the main series. Recap episodes are not added. This site also supports Manhua and Manwha the submission restrictions for both are in the manual. Just because it's on '' doesn't mean it will be accepted. The works still have to originally be manhwa or manhua brought over from Naver. Submission manual New Anime New Manga New Character New Staff You can also contact a member of the team on Discord. For anime you can message: Retui Taluun Tiamo Zex Spectro889 Edo Kazakuri For manga you can message: InVale Deerman Orangealaid Sumia Silverzzxx Alice Thunderplant General Site Guidelines Media should not contain nudity or real extreme violence. If questionable, use spoiler tags. Link shorteners are not allowed. Please use markdown instead. Trolling, harassing or abusing members will not be tolerated. Offensive user names, bios and banners will be changed. Posting sectarian, racist or illegal content is prohibited. Accounts must not impersonate other people or users. Discussing, linking or guiding others to illicit copyrighted content is prohibited. This includes streaming websites/apps, torrents, direct downloads etc. Spam Any posts or statuses deemed as spam by a mod will be removed Do not excessively spam likes. Don't make alternate accounts solely for posting statuses unless permission has been given by a member of staff. All spoilers should be contained within spoiler tags. Advertising: Any text intended to generate traffic to external websites or another page within AniList will be removed. Exception is granted to users who create something related to AniList. Sarcasm should be in italics. Profile Guidelines Do not use excessively fast flashing colours or images. Do not repost messages to skew the home page feed. Forum Guidelines Foreign Language Threads Filipino Spanish/Español Portuguese/Português Italian/Italiano Arabic/العربية French/Français Romanian/Români Japanese/日本語 German/Deutsch Language: For now, all new threads and replies should be in English apart from a single general discussion thread for other languages. Please don't post thread titles all in caps. Refrain from posting 'Where can I find/watch/read *' threads if similar ones exist. Duplicate topics will be removed use the search function before posting. Please edit posts instead of successive posting when possible. All spoilers on top level activity posts or on the forums should be contained within spoiler tags. Recommendation threads should be as specific as possible and replies should be relevant. Quality Titles: Thread titles should be descriptive and accurate to the threads content. Users should be able to get a general understanding of the thread by it’s title alone. Here are some examples of good thread titles: “Shame series you like/Compliment ones you hate”, “Spoilers Charlotte Episode 7 Discussion“. Here are some examples of bad thread titles: “Help please”, “just read this trust me” & “fate stay night ?“. Reviews Show should have finished airing For ongoing manga/LN etc. use your own judgement on whether there is enough content to create a review. If your review contains spoilers, either preface the review with a warning or use spoiler tags. The minimum character count is there for a reason, don't pad small comments with spam to reach it. Discord While not all the above guidelines will be implemented in discord, common sense and good etiquette should be used. The harassing or trolling of users will not be tolerated. Please do not post spoilers. Any users causing trouble can face temporary bans which can be a day to much longer, with it becoming permanent if justified.
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Boys vs Girls [Forum Game]
This game is simple, we start with the number 500, the boys goal is to count up to 1,000, and the girls goal is to reach 0, you may not post back to back wait for at least one reply. Please message me if there is a thread for this already so I can take it down, thank you and have fun Also please message me when 1 team has won : Wins Boys: 1 Girls: 0
what do you like and dislike in manga and anime?
Well, that... your opinion about the good and bad in Manga and Anime
Kamuy (Android app)
Hello, for the last few months, I've been working on a new app to manage my collections of anime and manga for multiple databases . With the current version, basic features like add/remove series, change the status, rate a series and set your progression are implemented. More advanced features will be implemented later. To download the app, you can go on my page, amazon store or blog. If you are interested in the app, you'll need to know that jellybean or higher is required and that it's free with ads. Below are a few screenshots of the app. 220 220 220 220 220 220 Changelog: v2.5.0: Genres added in some lists. Fast scroll added in anime/manga libraries when ordered by name. v2.4.0: Seasonal anime: open by default the current season. You can navigate to the next/previous season or select a specific season. Seasonal anime: you can filter the list by status . More stats. v2.3.1: Use an external browser instead of the internal webview to login. v2.3.0: New option to filter and sort the library. v2.2.0: +1 button in the library. Library updated: press an item to open the detail, long press to open the menu. Some minor UI updates. 2.1.1: Loading the libraries was crashing on AniList if the score system was set to 10.0 Point´. 2.1.0: Target android Oreo. Round and adaptive icons. v2.0.0: Migration to AniList API v2. Related anime/manga added. Faster library loading after an update. Some improvements in the library lists: progress bar to show the progression. Option to sort the list. Series detail page: press the thumbnail to open it in a popup to show a bigger version. Long press to play the promo video. The UI of the edit dialog has been updated. Press the avatar in the menu to open the profile. v1.9.0: New actions in the list: set watch/read, set status and set rating. App themes improved. New actions in the detail page: copy title, alternative titles, url, image url. v1.8.0: Tap the series' alternate names to copy it to the clipboard. Top, new, recommentations, ... list: show the status in the library. v1.6.0: Rewatched/reread added. v1.5.0: Add/remove favourite. Search: ordered by name. Fix some bugs: pickers, crash in the search, some RTL layout problems. v1.4.0: List of characters . Shows more information. Add an anime or manga with the status Private automatically . Minor UI improvements. v1.3.0: Logout will clean the username/password/tokens of the current database, switch to another one if possible or open the sign in screen. Sign in let you sign in to another database. Quick switch, no need to logout/sign in to select another database. Show private indicator in your libraries. UI change in the detail screen. Changelog added in the About screen. v1.2.0: When the status is set to Completed, the number of episodes watched or chapters/volumes read is set to the total. Show the user name and avatar in the menu. Remove series from the libraries by status. Update the start/finish, note and private flag. v1.1.0: Better cover quality in detail page and big grid list. Update the start date when the status is set to watching/reading, the finish date when the status is set to completed and reset the dates when set to plan to read/watch. UI improvements: tab icons, open the latest opened tab by default, ... .
Rate the above user's profile page.
Rate the above user's profile page, including but not limited to the banner, profile picture, about me section, favorites, recent activity. Basically everything.
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[Spoilers] Attack on Titan Season 3 - Episode 9 Discussion
Discussion thread for Shingeki no Kyojin 3 episode 9. Aired Monday, 17Sep2018 00:35:00 JST. You can find/watch Shingeki no Kyojin 3 at the following sites: Official Site Twitter Crunchyroll Hulu Animelab Funimation What did you think of the episode? Favorite scene/moment? Enjoying the series so far? What do you expect or want to happen next? This is an automated thread, if you would like to take ownership of this thread please message @Josh
Chio-chan no Tsuugakuro - Episode 11 [Spoiler, Discussion]
Discussion thread for Chiochan no Tsuugakuro episode 11. You can find/watch Chiochan no Tsuugakuro episode 11 at the following sites: Official Site Crunchyroll Hulu What do you think about the episode?
[Spoilers] DARLING in the FRANXX - Episode 24 Discussion
Discussion thread for Darling in the Franxx episode 24. Aired Saturday, 07Jul2018 23:30:00 JST. You can find/watch Darling in the Franxx at the following sites: Official Site Twitter Crunchyroll Funimation Hulu What did you think of the episode? Favorite scene/moment? Enjoying the series so far? What do you expect or want to happen next? This is an automated thread, if you would like to take ownership of this thread please message @Josh
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Some cels and inbetweens (and one storyboard frame) I have
Here is loop with cels and inbetweens I acquired in Jp The series are the following: • 1978 Captain Future , • 1980 Maeterlinck's Blue Bird Tyltyl and Mytyl's Adventurous Journey, , • 1980 Mori no Youki na Kobitotachi Belfy to Lillibit , • 1982 – Captain Harlock: Arcadia of My Youth Endless Orbit SSX , • 1982 Space Runaway Ideon , • 1982 Super Dimension Fortress Macross , • 1983 Future Policeman Urashiman , • 1983 Plastic Model Wrestling Sanshiro , • 1983 Super Dimension Century Orguss .
This site is basically a clone of MAL
Why does this site exist? Just kidding, kind of, MAL seems complacent and is dropping the ball imo. I actually don't know what they're doing with their site.. Oh well yoink,. my idea for a site now
How do I quickly rate my animes?
I just finished adding a bunch of completed animes to my list, but I forgot to rate them while doing so. Is there a feature that allows me to quickly rate these animes? Thanks.
Yellow Day 20 Sept.
Hello my weebs :3 As some of us agreed on this event in this thread: , this Thursday 20 is the Yellow day, so prepare your Yellow hair waifus and of course remember to say happy Bday to Shinobu from Monogatari Series ^^ Example of a Yellow Day post in the Global feed: Happy Yellow Day my friends 220 and Happy Bday Shinobu In order to participate on the giveaways of 5 Donator Badges you need to join our discord and get the Anilist role, we will guide you in the General chat anyway so dont be afraid ^^ If you are already a Donator and you win the giveaway, you can tell us to give it to a friend of you or reroll the prize, the important thing is that we contribute to Anilist with this events :D You can also post about this thread in the global feed, so more ppl get to know about this and more ppl could join, I'd appreciate your help to share this. The Badges of the Yellow Day are going to be posted here at the end of the event. To join our discord, click in the image below :3 220 For any kind of question, post here or ask directly in our server ^^ Yoroshiku onegaishimasu
Include series status on browse page
Currently, you can't tell whether a series is currently ongoing or completed unless you click and go to the series page: 220 please add another field somewhere that shows the current status of a series. Maybe coloured outlines on each entry or a small dot like you add for completed entries that are added to a user's list.