AniList Ownership Change
Hey everyone, as some may have already seen from our posts on April 1, @TehNut and I are officially the new coowners of AniList We have had many ideas swirling around in our heads for the future betterment and development of the site. Here's some of the things you can expect to see us working on: Site stability New API version More frequent site updates A mobile app Many other large features we have on the roadmap Some of these things will come sooner than others, but rest assured we will be pushing towards these goals and more. We hope you will support us in our efforts to further develop AniList
New User Intro Thread - Welcome!
Introduce yourself : A short bio of who you are, what you like or just say hi if you'd prefer. Discord Server: Mobile & Desktop Apps:
Support AniList & AniChart (Donations)
Why do we need your help? AniList & AniChart are free to use but adsupported, however ads don't make enough to support the sites and we don't want to fill our pages with countless ads that can ruin your experience. Your donations will allow us to cover our server payments, development costs, and keep the sites running long into the future. : What do I get for donating? Donators receive access to exclusive features and bonuses, such as badges, animated avatars and lots more Check out each donation tier for their specific perks. Please note the minimum donation amount is $1. Monthly donations or Onetime donations We'll be incredibly thankful for any donation you can give, though recurring monthly donations will allow us greater financial stability in the months to come. If Patreon isn't your thing you can also do monthly donations via PayPal. Onetime donations will receive equivalent rewards for the same amount of time as one monthly donation . Please be aware donations are currently being processed manually and may up to 48 hours to be activated. If you have issues with your donation, please message @Josh or email us at Donation Rewards/Month $1 Tier Donator badge Discord patreon role Test out beta features before everyone else $3 Tier AniList & AniChart ads removed Pinned activity Custom profile colors $5 Tier Animated Gif Avatars Increase your genre, tag, voice actor, staff, and studio stats from 30 to up to 100 cards Full stats update every 12 hours Custom donator badge text on profile $10 Tier Custom donator badge text sitewide Full stats update every 6 hours Super discord patreon role $20 Tier Full stats update every 2 hours Sitewide animated rainbow donator badge A massive thanks to anyone who donates, we really appreciate it :
Anime Submissions Temporarily Closing
Hello everyone, I was planning on announcing this in advance so users could make any submissions they were plannings or working on before shutting them down but given recent site issues pertaining to search 123, new anime submissions are currently closed due. In addition, 24 hours from now anime submissions pertaining to editing existing entries will also be closed. The reason for both is to help clear out the backlog on anime submissions. Sorry for the issues this will cause.
Updated rules regarding sourcing of fanart and posting of AI imagery
This thread is for the 2 new rules mentioned in this changelog Hello, first off we would like to apologize for being so slow to enact the following policies but as of today two new rules have been added to the AniList guidelines. Please note that this explanation will not cover every scenario that may occur. The first being that fanart being shared on the site should have a source from the artist linked alongside the fanart. An exception to this rule is if the fanart is being used in an Avatar by a user or in a banner by a User. The second rule is that AI imagery will not be allowed to be shared on our platform. An exception to this will be in cases where it is being shared for commentary such as a user talking about an artist being found out about using AI and sharing images to demonstrate it. Simply posting a status and saying some variation of “Thoughts?” or “This is crazy how believable this is” will not clear this exception. We recommend reverse image search tools like to find the original upload of an image, for ease of use they also make a browser addon where you can right click an image and be given a handful of search options. If a user can legitimately not find the source material for an artwork then all they need to do is state that clearly in the post. Both of these new rules will *not* be applied retroactively. An exception to this is fanart or AI imagery that a user has used to create an “event badge” and that the event thread containing the badge is still being actively updated with new events. In this instance a moderator will inform the user that they need to include sources for fanart used in their badges. Due to the amount of previous badges that may have been made, users will be given 3 months to find and include the source link for the image. For AI imagery used in event badges, in threads that are being actively updated those badges will be removed. A core reason for why we are implementing the above policies is that artists should be credited for the work that they do. That if a user is going to receive likes or follows for what they post here then at the very least they should give a direct link to the artist who is doing the actual work. We are aware that many users may end up sharing AI imagery without realizing that it is such. We have no interest in removing something just because it has been accused of being AI without a strong foundation. In many cases the original poster will have the art tagged as such on the post or in the bio of their account. Identifying AI imagery will always be changing but currently there are a handful of typical indicators, such as any repeating features that will typically trip up AI. General inaccuracies and incongruencies in an image or video may also be an indication of such. As is the case with mild rule infractions, such as unintentionally spoiling someone, unintentionally posting images that violate ecchi or nsfw rules, unintentionally violating rules on piracy, etc. it will typically take multiple instances in a short span of time to ever reach any level of punishment on the site. Any user who makes a sincere effort to credit the artists who they are sharing the art of and to not share AI imagery should never see any restrictions being placed on their account. Users who simply don’t care or intentionally violate these rules however will likely see restrictions placed on their accounts if they do not change their posting habits and behavior. The intention of this forum thread is for users to ask questions and potentially make minor adjustments to the new rules
AniList Roadmap & Changelog
Please note that this roadmap and changelog is not a comprehensive list of all bugs and features to be addressed or implemented in the future and is in no particular order. Priorities may change dependant on the needs of the website and user base. Exact release dates can't be given, but feel free to ask on the Anilist discord server. Use the Subscribe button at the bottom of this post for notifications on new site updates. AniList Future Features Anime/manga tags rework UI improvements Polls Micro reviews/Reactions Anime song data Improved average score algorithm Dubbed languages data & filtering More options around Twitter integration Add Manga/Light Novel publications More character & staff images Markdown rework User uploadable images Adding activity types for reviews, thread creation etc Show score, progress, and more data on activity List export & auto backups Improve List Comparison feature Improved airing page Review comments Groups/Clubs
AniList Guidelines & Data Submissions
These guidelines are at the interpretation of the mods and admins of the site. Ignoring any of these guidelines may result in content being removed, locked, or even your account being banned from AniList. We may alter these guidelines from time to time without an announcement. However, in most circumstances, any changes will be announced to the community beforehand. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding our guidelines, please create a topic with the “Site Feedback” tag or ask in the sitesupport channel on Discord , and we will get back to you. General Site Guidelines Copyrighted content: Linking or guiding others to illicit copyrighted content is prohibited. This includes streaming websites/apps, torrents, direct downloads, etc. Mature Content: Media classified as “Ecchi” must be shared in spoiler tags and must be labeled as such outside the tags. Media classified as “NSFW” is outright disallowed from being shared on the site. **Ecchi** images contain pantsu, lingerie, underwear, or other questionable content. The following list is not allencompassing but should give you a general idea: **Underwear or lingerie**, both fully or mostly visible. A tiny glimpse, such as the top of a bra cup, bra straps, or the top band of underwear, is generally fine. **Clothe outlines** that can not be distinguished from nipples. **Fetish content** such as bondage, latex, armpits, feet, etc. **Sexually suggestive poses/framing**. **Undressing to nude** or mostly nude. **Excessive** “sideboob”, “underboob”, or cleavage. **NSFW** images are considered **NSFW** if they contain real graphic violence or explicit nudity of any kind. The following list is not allencompassing but should be a general idea of what to avoid: **Detailed Clothe outlines** such as cameltoe, areolas that can be distinguished from nipples, or a crotch bulge clearly distinguished as a penis and balls. **Depictions of sexual acts**, regardless of nudity and including partial/cropped images, even if no genitals or other erogenous zones are shown. **Bodily fluids** such as semen, precum, vaginal discharge, fetishized lactation, fetishized blood, realistic feces, realistic vomit, or realistic urine. Any fluids meant to be intentionally mistaken for the others and used in a sexual context will be treated as the liquid they are attempting to imitate. **Nudity** such as exposed pubic hair, pubic regions, exposed female nipples/areola , bare breasts , or bare buttocks. **Clothed crotches** that take up the majority of the frame. **Sexual or sexually implied images of childlike characters.** Given the age of a character, the stated age should be immaterial; what is important is the visual design of the character in that image. **Real graphic violence** such as extreme amounts of blood, gore, or violence. User Behaviour: Trolling, harassing, or abusing users will not be tolerated. Context will always matter around a possible infraction. Conspiring with others or harassing an underprivileged class may result in harsher punishments than the reverse. Some examples of what can be considered harassment are as follows: Repeatedly sending insulting messages. Dogpiling. Any statement that is prejudiced against a group of people, such as but not limited to race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, or religion. Evading another user's block regardless of the reason for blocking. Telling another user they should kill themselves or that they should die. Sending another user intentionally disturbing images or sending them intentionally disturbing statements. Posting racist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, xenophobic, religious discrimination, or illegal content is prohibited. Making light of or glorifying nonfictional violence is prohibited. Doxxing another user is prohibited. Doxxing can include publicizing private or identifying information such as, but not limited to, names, addresses, phone numbers, work information, imagery, etc. Accounts must not impersonate other people or users. Offensive user names, bios, avatars, and banners will be removed. This typically is just an extension of our current rules against various forms of bigotry. Graphic and overtly sexual conversations should not be had in public spaces . It’s not something we want minors stumbling onto, so keep it private. This does not give any allowance to images, that would otherwise not be allowed, to be shared or linked to in these private conversations. Spoilers: All spoilers should be contained within spoiler tags and state what work they are a spoiler of . Spam Any posts or statuses deemed as spam by a mod will be removed. Some examples of what may be considered spam are below. Please note this is not an allencompassing list: Copypastas. Posts made to be excessively long by including purposeless content or padding. Repeated posts of the same or similar message with little value or the intent to annoy . Making many posts in a short time span. Sending the same message to many people. Pinging an excessive amount of people. Don't make accounts solely for posting unless permission has been given by a member of staff. Do not repost activity to skew the home page feed. Advertising: Any unsolicited text intended specifically to promote/generate traffic to external websites will be removed. Occasional status posts to share one's blogs, videos, twitters, chat servers, etc are not a violation of this rule. However, more platformed portions of the site, such as reviews and forum threads, will have lower tolerances for what is permitted and should not be used for advertising one's own work in nearly any way. An exception can be granted to users who create something related to AniList. Please use the Content Creators General thread if you've like to show off something you've created. General: Do not abuse AniList systems or features . While users are permitted to create plugins/extensions that modify various aspects of the sites , such extensions must follow the following rules: They should not interfere with general expected use of site features. Should not obfuscate what is and isn’t allowed on AniList, such as removing any links to the rules on the site. Should not interfere with site advertisements. Must comply with API Terms of use. Must use a uniquely identifiable header per plugin for API requests. Should not create large amounts of API requests or create exceptionally longrunning API requests. Should not interfere with or degrade the value of donatoronly features. Should not allow shared custom scripts or advanced custom styling that may allow for XSS, compromised authentication, personal data leaking, or other vulnerabilities. Should not allow shared unrestricted custom styling that may interfere with normal use of the site . Should not have noticeably adverse effects on the clientside performance or general loading times of the site. If you share fanart of any kind, make sure you post the source of the art. An exception to this is that a source does not need to be stated for user’s avatars or banners. In the event that the source is no longer available please state such when posting. Reverse image search engines, such as can be helpful in finding an original upload. Some examples where users typically share fanart on the site: Status posts and replies Forum threads and forum posts A user’s ‘About Me’ In ‘Event Badges’ AI generated images are not permitted to be shared on the site. If AI imagery is shared with the intent of commentary of some sort then this will typically be allowed at moderator's discretion. **Link shorteners** are not allowed. Please use markdown instead. Do not post **excessively fast flashing colors** or imagery without hiding them behind spoiler tags and tagging them appropriately. Claiming other people's work as your own is not allowed. This may include, but is not limited to, art, videos, and posts. **Ban evasion** is not permitted and will typically result in an even harsher restriction being placed on your account. Some examples of behavior that may be considered as “ban evasion”, this list is not allinclusive: Using an alternative account to perform the limited actions. Having another user send messages in your stead. Misusing any AniList functions to circumvent the restrictions. Forum Guidelines Language: For now, all new threads and replies should be in English apart from a single general discussion thread for other languages. Titles: Please don't post thread titles all in caps. Quality Titles: Thread titles should be descriptive and accurate to the thread's content. Users should be able to get a general understanding of the thread by its title alone. Forum thread titles should be free of spoilers. All forum tags should be relevant to the thread. Thread quality: Refrain from posting “Where can I find/watch/read...?” threads. Recommendation threads should be as specific as possible and replies should be relevant. If you are just wanting titles that are similar to a specific entry, please refer to the recommendation section on an entries page. Threads should have a clear purpose for existing and aim to incite meaningful discussion. Threads with little meaning should be posted as activity posts instead. Such threads can include, but are not limited to: Arbitrary “this or that” threads. Onesided threads. Threads made just for ranting or to incite anger/troll others. Hyperspecific threads that aren’t meaningfully different from other already existing threads. Questionnaire/survey threads. Duplicates/Spam: Duplicate topics will be removed or merged with an already existing thread – use the search function before posting, and if a thread about your topic exists, please post in the existing thread instead of making a new one. Likewise, do not post in an existing thread solely for the intention of reviving it, otherwise known as “necroing”. Posting in inactive threads is allowed, so long as it adds meaningful discourse and continues the discussion. Please edit posts instead of successive posting when possible. Spoilers: All spoilers on the forums should be contained within spoiler tags unless it is within an episode discussion thread where spoilers for that episode and previous episodes are allowed. Foreign Language Threads Filipino Spanish/Español Portuguese/Português Italian/Italiano Arabic/العربية French/Français Romanian/Română Japanese/日本語 Ukranian/українська German/Deutsch Russian/русский Indonesian Hungarian/Magyar Polish/Polski Reviews Completed Works Animated works, manga, light novels, etc should have finished releasing except for the following exceptions: The work must have been releasing for at least two years. or A work may be reviewed if it has stopped releasing for at least 6 months and does not have any official announcement on it continuing. Dropped Works Reviews of works that users have dropped are permitted, in the event that they have seen/read at least 75% of it, rounding up. Reviews of dropped works must follow the other rules with regards to currently releasing titles. Spoilers: If your review contains spoilers, either preface the review with a warning or use spoiler tags. Review length: The minimum character count is there for a reason, do not pad your review to reach it. Plagiarism: Only post reviews that were written by yourself, plagiarised reviews will be deleted and may lead to a review ban. This includes using AI to generate/assist in writing reviews. Basic grammar: Please try to follow basic grammar rules. There's no need for it to be perfect, but the average user shouldn't have to struggle to understand your review. Images: Images should only be used if they support the text in some way. Fanart is not to be used in reviews. Review Quality: Do not comment on fans of a work or detractors of a work, in either a positive or negative fashion. Do not simply summarize the work. Do not criticize the score or popularity of the work. Do not advertise any links that are not directly relevant to the text of the review. The review should be a review of that specific work and not for other related works. An exception can be made if its for a work that is released in a split cour schedule or some other delayed release. You are welcome to reference another review you have posted on AniList to help elaborate on some beliefs in your review. Discord While not all the above guidelines will be implemented in discord, common sense and good etiquette should be used. Refer to the **Welcome** channel on the discord for a full rule list. Any users causing trouble can face temporary bans which can be a day to much longer, with it becoming permanent if justified. Data Submissions Submission Manual: Create New Anime: Create New Manga/Light Novel: New Characters and Staff can only be created through the anime and manga forms' Character and Staff subpages. This is the same whether you are submitting a new entry or editing an existing one. Existing anime and manga entries can be edited using the edit button at the bottom left of their page. Existing staff and character entries can be edited using the edit icon button at the top right of their page Please only contact moderators to ask for questions or advice, not to ask them to add entire entries for you. You can contact a member of the team on Discord. Alternatively, you can message a data moderator from the moderator page. A submissionssupport channel in the Discord is now open.
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AWC: Challenge Submission Thread 2.0
This thread is where you will submit all of your completed challenges. Please do not post any questions in this forum it is for challenge submissions only. If you have any questions, you can visit the FAQ thread, our Discord, or contact any member of AWC Staff. After you’ve finished a challenge, make sure your Challenge Post has been completely updated and meets the Submission Guidelines for the challenge listed below. Post a link to your Challenge Post as a comment reply to this thread. **Include the following information**: The name of the challenge you're submitting, a link to your Challenge Post. You can find your Challenge Post’s link by clicking on the link icon in the top right of your comment containing the list this URL is what you’ll post here. You may **only submit one challenge at a time**. If you have multiple challenges to submit at once, please submit them each as their own individual comments. One of our reviewers will reply to your submission when it is under review. If you made a mistake, your reviewer will reply with what needs to be fixed and why. If you need to make corrections, **do not resubmit your challenge** please make the proper corrections and reply to your reviewer's comment and let them know what you've done to fix the challenge. When waiting for your corrections to be checked **please have patience** and allow your reviewer time to get back to you. All of our staff members are volunteers and may not be able to immediately respond to you. If you have not heard back on your corrections after 2 weeks, please visit our Discord and open a ticket to request assistance using our support ticket system. If you’ve successfully completed the challenge, your reviewer will congratulate you and send the badge reward to your profile’s wall. You can also view all of your earned badges by searching for your username on our Challenger Profile site. annahoj | qeziz | celeoste | draboko | Goldiizz | CelestialQueen | BaconCheesecake | Wark | Simi | Dimoploki | Suzumiya | RenxRen | ketchuppacket Your profile and anime activity **must be set to public** so our reviewers can verify your list and activity. Start and finish dates **must be logged** and up to date. You can access these in the List Editor. All challenge information **must be included** in your Challenge Post. This includes: Challenge name and mode, challenge start and finish dates, requirements and their numbers, anime start and finish dates, links to the anime used, any additional information mentioned by the requirements. All requirement numbers **must properly reflect** the same number used for the requirement in the challenge post and code. You must use the challenge code we have provided for your challenge entry. For more information about personalising your entry, please read our Challenge Code Update post. If your challenge post has more than 20 requirements then you must split your challenge post unless otherwise stated. For more information about comment splitting, please read this announcement. For **Monthly** and **Studio Collection Challenges**, you can submit the Hard and Clear the Board modes without submitting for Easy and Bingo modes beforehand. You’ll still get both badges. For **Genre Challenges**, Easy, Normal, and Hard Modes all go on the same post, but each mode **must be separated into its own section**. Genre Mastery Challenges must be on their own post. For **Genre Challenges**, you must submit your challenge as you finish each mode of the challenge. For **Tier and Genre Mastery Challenges**, you must provide a link at the top of your post to the previously completed entry in the challenge series. The same rules as noted above must also be observed for our Manga Challenges. For any challenge that allows you to use previously started manga, you **must specify this and make note of the chapters read** before the start of the challenge. For **Explorer Challenges**, First, Second, and Third Paths all go on the same post, but each path **must be separated into its own section**. For **Explorer Challenges**, you must submit your challenge as you finish each mode of the challenge.
Ask something about the users profile above you
Ask them about something interesting that you noticed in the users profile above you
Two Truths, One Lie
RULES AND SYNOPSIS Basically, if you've never heard of this game, it's a game where a person says 2 truths about themselves, and one lie. The other people have to guess which one the lie is. For this forum thread, only one person can guess which one the lie is. You will type out two truths and one lie, and guess the lie of the person above you, make sure to tag them and not reply to their comment when you do this . Please don't post two truths and one lie without guessing the person above you's lie. The truths and lies can be about anything, just try not to break AL rules somehow. Ok Start lying 220
What anime in the above user's favourite seems out of place?
What anime in the above user's favourite seems out of place compared to their other favourites, whether it be because of a completely different genre or anything like that?
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[Spoilers] Konosuba -God's Blessing on This Wonderful World! 3 - Episode 2 Discussion
FINAAALLLYYYYY Iris arrived Now after being in the mobile game and LN for years she can finally shine in animated form. I can't wait for this arc : Will Kazuma's dream to get a little sister finally come true? Darkness being Darkness 660 Ohh Aqua you dumbass :' 660 WOOOO IRIS 660 So it begins 660
[Spoilers] Blue Archive The Animation - Episode 2 Discussion
Fellow "&129408;&128557;" Archive enjoyers, welcome back to our show Even if my wives Yuuka and Wakamo didn't speak, acknowledging the prologue is enough for me. I was actually surprised with the some of the fight's animation being as fluid as it was, I'm hoping it continues being like that for the remainder of the show. The ending was magnificent as well And, I cannot be more excited for "them" to appear next episode... Unwelcome School is gonna go hard
[Spoilers] Kaiju No. 8 Episode 2 Discussion
This episode was great, and it seems like they released it immediately after the livestream—last week you had to wait an hour. What did you guys think about this episode? &128279; Watch it here: Crunchyroll
[Spoilers] Black Butler: Public School Arc - Episode Two Discussion
This episode went by in a flash. One of the things I adore that they added in this episode was the illustration they included in the beginning. It’s an illustration Yana drew for this arc years ago. It was such a nice touch to include for this second episode. I didn’t expect them to actually adapt that single page. I will say though, the only thing that filled my mind was waiting for Soma to finally appear. He’s become a favourite of mine these recent months and it’s just so good to see him back. Him along with Edward. It’s just so amazing to see their seiyuus back in these roles. I want to also mention that I really adored the seiyuu they chose for Joanne along with Cole. Joanne especially because that is exactly how I imagined him to sound. 220 I’ll end this off with an illustration Yana drew today in honour of the second episode. Oddly enough I didn’t notice the mistake she put for the year until she mentioned it herself.
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[Spoilers] Touken Ranbu Kai: Kyoden Moyuru Honnouji - Ep 4 Discussion
Another late one, my apologies. Watched the ep earlier today and I was just so tickled by a lot. Once again, spoilers down below without any tags so read at your own discretion We start out our bit citadel wide sparring match to force the Odagumi to weir their "getalong" sweater and it is Not going well The team 1 and 2 match ups are pretty much the same as the stage, but with the addition of a team 3 and 4, we got some interesting stuff going on The starters being spread out between the teams leads to some really good action scenes from them. Moments which we normally would NEVER see regarding these swords. I'm still in shock and awe over just how much screentime everyone is actually getting. As an aside, the match ups of Kashuu v Mutsu and Kasen v Hachi are so interesting to see The Kasen v Hachi match especially since they fought on a whole log floating down the river. Impressive stuff Moving on to the stage side of things, Haseb v Ichi + Shokudaikiri was also very fun. I loved the addition of Namazuo fighting against Honebami only for them to join forces to fight alongside Ichi The brotherhood... I love it. Speaking of "kyoudai", Yamabushi and Horikawa Aaaaa them teaming up to fight Kanesan and Yasu was just a lot of fun, I love all the interactions everyone is getting here. Truly a freeforall. Now to the other bit where like, they livestreamed this with konnosukes?? Man we hardly get Konnosuke tech showing like this aside from that short bit in Katsugeki but even there, it was more he has a tool for future tech, not BEING future tech. I loved this detail so much. The crowd shots were also filling, seeing everyone's reactions to things plus the playbyplay. I wanna keep this short, so here's my stage brained comment of the week: the Manba and Mikazuki moonlight convo was just too good, I can't wait for next week whim
Retro Anime Frames/Screenshots
Post your favorite frames/stills from retro* anime Please include the anime name, year, and, if you can remember, the episode number, although it's fine if you can't. * There's no concrete definition for how old something has to be to qualify as retro, but common time ranges are 1520 years. I'm going to go with 15 years or older for this thread which as of the time of writing, was Friday, April 24, 2009. However, you don't have to be that exact with the minimum age; As long as the show is generally within that ballpark its fine. Try to stay away from using discord as a file host as they've announced over the past few months that they'll start deleting older content. I personally use Google Cloud Storage via Sharex which while it does cost money, is only a few cents a month and will almost assuredly last until the death of Google. Template: image Anime, Year, Episode 220 Super Dimensional Fortress Macross, 1982, Episode 1 And for those who don't know, you can often right click or long press an image and open it in a new tab to get the original size.
[Spoilers] Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End - Chapter 129 Discussion
Wow, that's a lot of characters introduced. I'm excited to see what the empire is planning. Are they really trying to target Serie or is someone else the target?
Shin Yaranaika - Discussion
I just finished this and I don't know what to say, I can only feel.
[Spoilers] Rinkai! - Episode 3 Discussion
Now that everyone has been admitted, I'm thinking we've got some slice of life moments coming up. Depending on how Nana being bunked with Izumi goes, there might be either a stage to overcome between the two. Kurume announcing her support of Izumi might be a doubleedged sword, as it could possibly paint a target on her head for the others. No one seemed too jealous, though, just a bit confused as to two she was. There weren't many CGI scenes in this episode either, but as we get closer to the races and training, it might increase. I'm hoping they'll be more obligated to opt out of CGI where possible.