Support AniList & AniChart (Donations)


Why do we need your help?
AniList & AniChart currently runs out of pocket, and is run by volunteers. The sites are free to use, but ad-supported, however ads don't make enough to support the sites and we don't want to fill our pages with countless ads that can ruin your experience.

Your donations will allow us to cover our server payments and keep the sites running long into the future.
With more donations we'll even be able to hire a full time developer to work on improving and adding to the sites consistently.

Why don't you make a "Pro" account with more features instead of relying on donations?
Simply put we don't want to block features from users who can't afford to pay. We don't have any features in the pipeline that would cost us more to run, and we feel restricting features that don't cost us any extra would be wrong to our users.

What do I get for donating?
As we don't want to restrict features from any users, donator rewards are largely either sentimental or cosmetic. As we implement new features into the sites we'll be sure to think of more things we can offer to our donators (we already have a fair few things in mind).

The minimum donation amount is $1 but please check below or the Patreon for specific rewards at this time, one-time donations will receive equivalent rewards for the same amount of time (1 month per monthly donation).

Monthly donations (Patreon) or Single donations (PayPal)
We'll be incredibly thankful for any donation you can give, tho recurring monthly donations will allow us greater financial stability in the months to come. If Patreon isn't your thing you can also do monthly donations via PayPal.

Donation Rewards/Month

$1 Tier

  • Donator badge
  • Discord patreon role
  • Test out beta features before everyone else

$3 Tier

  • AniList & AniChart ads removed
  • Custom profile colors

$5 Tier

  • Animated Gif Avatars
  • Increase your genre, tag, voice actor, staff, and studio stats from 30 to up to 100 cards
  • Full stats update every 12 hours
  • Custom donator badge text on profile

$10 Tier

  • Custom donator badge text site-wide
  • Full stats update every 6 hours
  • Super discord patreon role

$20 Tier

  • Full stats update every 2 hours
  • Site-wide animated rainbow donator badge

A massive thanks to anyone who donates, we really appreciate it :)

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