Masayuki Kikuchi


JMSDF Lt. Commander, Gunnery Officer of the Mirai, and a classmate of both Kadomatsu and Oguri from the Officer Candidate School. He had joined the Self Defense Force for economic reasons and consistently seek to avoid situations where he might be forced to take lives. In 1991, just the possibility of Japan sending warships to support U.S. operations against Iraq during the Gulf War was enough to cause him to resign from the academy--although his commitment to friendship with Kadomatsu and Oguri is such that he decided not to resign when his departure threatened to strain their friendship. His fear of taking human life backfires on him badly when he holds back punches against the U.S. naval aircraft attacking Mirai--and results in a serious damage to the Mirai and many casualties. In addition, he is extremely fearful of changing the past--and its possible consequences: from the minute the Mirai goes back to the past, he warns everyone of the dire danger of changing the past.