Shinkurou Kurenai

The main protagonist of the series. Despite his looks and easygoing personality he is a capable and strong worker who works for Benika as a dispute mediator. When he was young he lost his family in a terrorist attack. As a result he became withdrawn from the world until he met Benika. He wished to be as strong as her so he could live on. Benika decided to leave him at the Hzuki household. It was there that he trained his body extensively and learned Hzukistyle martial arts. His kind demeanor attracts considerable attention from the opposite gender though he is completely oblivious. In emergencies he is able to produce a large 039horn039 out of his right elbow which classes him as quotType 1 Class 2 Fighting Demonquot. This special weapon was designed for the purpose of assassination. This lets him use his full strength in combat but shortens his lifespan. When he is forced to fight his personality changes to a more aggressive one. Between the anime and the manga there are differences in the way Shinkur is depicted. In the anime Shinkur is not as confident and appears to have less control over the Hozuki horn.