Ginko Murakami

村上 銀子
A girl with a taciturn personality who works as an information broker following in her grandfather039s footsteps. Her sources allow her to find information of all kinds including new jobs for Shinkur to help his livelihood. She has been Shinkur039s friend since childhood. After he lost his family she tried without success to cheer him up. When Shinkur was about to be killed Ginko tried desperately to save him. Because Shinkur039s job as a mediator leaves him covered in wounds Ginko constantly offers him a job at her family039s ramen shop where she works parttime. She hopes that Shinkur will quit his job as a mediator and come work and live with her. Ginko also likes Shinkur but isn039t as open with her feelings as other female characters. Even so Ginko notably gets irritated whenever other girls especially Yno flock around Shinkur.