Haruhiko Kazama

笠間春彦, Haru-chan
Haruhiko unlike Sakura and Daisuke does not see the advertisement in Boo magazine. Rin runs into him in a uniform store and realizes who he is. Haruhiko is racked with guilt over the terrible thing he did to Shion in his previous life. As such he does everything that Rin tells him This turns out to be an inspired move. Between Rin039s machinations and their piecing together of their moon memories the other reincarnates begin to fear Haruhiko and what he may be doing to them even though Haruhiko has not actually done a single thing to any of them. Haruhiko has a very weak heart due to his excessive use of his ESP when he was younger. Haruhiko resembles Shion physically because Shukaido was obsessed with him when he died. This was explained when Haruhiko mentions that his mother is half Indian making Haruhiko 3/4 Japanese and 1/4 Indian. Source: Wikipedia