Kyle Basil


Age: 15 Blood type: AB Birthday: February 4 Sign: Aquarius Height: 170cm (5'5") Weight: 58kg (127.9 lbs.) Rei is a quiet boy who seems to hate his place in the house and would rather spend his time sleeping than talking to anyone. While Akira is busy studying and learning how to be a proper young man, Rei spends his time outside in the garden asleep. After getting fed up with the house and the rules Akira decides to leave, only he can't find the door, and discovers that the house is on a cliff, making it impossible to jump from the fence. To make matters worse, he only realizes where the house is when he is hanging by his fingers from the roof and he thinks this is the end of it all, until Rei appears. To save his life Akira must promise to not leave and stay with Rei forever. The two strike up a strange friendship which starts to turn weird, for Rei tells Akira he doesn't just want to be friends, he wants more. As Akira deals with learning how to be part of this family and how to not stick out he also has to deal with Rei wanting to have him all to himself. Can he come to terms with Rei's affection and his own place in this new society? (Sources: Our Kingdom manga; Boys on Boys on Film)