Touka Kurenai

紅 桃華
Touka Kurenai is the madam of a brothel named the Peach Blossom Tower and originally one of the Ten Heavenly Enlightened. Years ago she saved Mikan from Ganzos gang after they had killed her parents and offered to take her in. After setting up the Peach Blossom Tower she continues to take in those orphaned or homeless after battles and allow them to work for her. She is also a practitioner of Tenshis ultimate battle strategy and allies with Rushuna when the latter proves that she is following Tenshis plan. Touka suffers from an illness the exact nature and severity of which is not elaborated upon. She keeps it a secret from her girls and it largely does not affect her combat abilities unless she is closely pressed. Her weapon is a lance with an exploding ball attached to a chain that can be used to deflect bullets. She is not related to Mikan despite having the same surname. A flashback involving Kasumi hints that she was the one who repelled the Rear Guard at the end of the tunnel in the capital and that she shortly thereafter left the Heavenly Enlightened. In the manga she used to train the Juttensen and now her younger sister Ouka leads them. Source: Wikipedia