Kanuka Clancy

NYPD Section 2 Division 2 Team 2: A temporary member of Section 2 on assignment from the NYPD. Sent to observe a labor unit with the purpose of helping build one for New York City. Highly capable in all duties. Her piloting skills are better than Ohtas but was assigned to backup duty since acclimating the Labor to a temporary officer would be a poor decision. Also keeping Ohta in line is not a job for an idiot. Much like Nagumo Kanuka is very bythebook. She is usually all business and sometimes cold to the members of SV.2 with the exception of Noa. Kanuka was born in Hawaii but apparently moved to New York later on. When she travels back to New York she stops in Hawaii to see her grandmother whom she loves dearly. Kanukas piloting skills are to be feared. Goto certainly thinks so since he called her in to assist SV2 in the first movie.