Iori Yagami

八神庵, Iori Orochi, Riot of Blood Iori
Birthday:Mar 25
Since the KOF 95 project began with the concept of introducing Iori as Kyos rival he became known as a character who was a member of a rival school of martial arts that had a connection to the Ancient Arts of the Kusanagi. He was also given the ability to use a different color of flames other than Kyos red flames along with various other characteristics. When you think of Iori Yagami his intense personality most likely comes to mind. His moves are unique and his singular choice of hairstyle wardrobe and manner of speaking was certainly a personality that broke the mold for characters in fighting games at that time. During the initial location tests to determine the popularity of the game Iori was the character who stood out most. His hair and his lines to provoke his opponents You think Im scary do you? excited his fans to no end. Source: