クロミ, Kurumi, Kurumi Nui
Birthday: October 31 A bizarre replica of My Melody Kuromi is her rival. She is also a rabbit and wears a black joker039s hat with a pink skull at the center of her forehead. The skull039s facial expression changes to match Kuromi039s mood. Wielding a magical artifact called the Melody Key which is infused with dark dreamcorrupting powers Kuromi is trying to collect 100 Black Notes in order to resurrect the Spirit of Dark Power in the hopes that it will destroy her enemies especially My Melody. Her tail is a weak point wherein she would fall unconscious if someone were to step on it. She is an escaped prisoner from Mari Land. It was later revealed that Kuromi committed crimes like stealing bread in order to feed Baku039s poor family. When Kuromi was on trial Baku tried to convince the judge that he too was responsible. But Kuromi claimed that Baku was lying so that her friend wouldn039t share a similar fate. What started her grudge towards My Melo was an incident where My Melo unknowingly tore a page from her journal to wipe Piano the sheep039s nose. Since then Kuromi has been writing down on it all the mishaps and unfavorable moments that My Melo has caused her accidentally. More than 3000 events written 6342 exactly at the start of the series Kuromi sometimes reads them in front of My Melo but My Melo seems oblivious to why Kuromi039s so upset over them. Kuromi is the leader of a biker gang known as quotKuromi039s 5.quot Other members include a purple cat named Nyanmi a pale orange dog named Wanmi a white fox named Konmi and a grey and white rat named Chumi. They all wear black and drive around in a menacing fashion. Just like Uta Kuromi has affections for Hiiragi. Her affections for him seem somewhat stronger than Uta039s however. In one episode Kuromi used the power of the Melody Key to turn herself into a human being so she could dance with him taking the pseudonym Kurumi Nui. Hiiragi actually seemed to be very attracted to Kurumi Nui but unfortunately the spell had a Cinderellaesque effect: if Kuromi did not return to the spellcasting circle before all the magical candles blew out she039d be turned into a tapir like Baku. Because of this she had to run away in the middle of dancing with Hiiragi but he kissed her hand in farewell. In the show039s opening theme prior to this episode Kuromi is seen in the rain under a blue umbrella Uta is usually in this part. Besides being desperate Kuromi also has a bit of a good side. On Christmas Eve she first refused to accept the gift her parent039s gave because she was still displeased on why nobody not even them came to visit when she was imprisoned. But with it include a letter telling that her parents still cherished her and that they even tried to come inside the dungeon but weren039t permitted. Deeply touched by this Kuromi accepted the present. She then returned to Uta whom she ignored to help earlier. Combined with My Melo039s magic with some from Santa Claus Kuromi helped summoned the spirit of Uta039s deceased mother how this person died isn039t known. Source: Wikipedia