Kouichi Zenigata

銭形幸一, Heiji Zenigata, Detective Ed Scott, Inspecteur Lacogne, 銭形警部
Zenigata has made it his mission in life to arrest Lupin. He would love to arrest the other members of Lupins gang but Zenigata is really after the mastermind himself. Lupin and Zenigata appear to be the worst of enemies but they are in a manner of speaking friends something Lupin shows openly often by greeting Zenigata with mock affection but it is an idea Zenigata is extremely reluctant to entertain. Similarly he is often awed by Lupins genius but refuses to show it. In the anime Zenigata is a quite sensitive person and often cries in emotional situations particularly when he thinks Lupin has done something out of consideration for him or when finding out Lupin is okay after worrying about him. On occasions when Lupin appears to be dead he mourns him more expressively than anyone elsepartly due to genuine grief partly because he no longer has a goal in life. Because of this singular ambition he is never particularly displeased when Lupin manages to escape his custody.