Nobuto Nakajou

中条 伸人
Voiced by: Suwabe Junichi Age: 22 Birthday: March 23 1977 Blood Type: B Height: 183cm 6 Weight: 72kg 159lbs Residency: Chiba prefecture Hobby: Cooking Special Skill: Strategy games theft street fighting received training during his gang tenure Nakajyo is a college student and is part of a medical faculty. He is his familys third son and the heir to a serious illness hospital. However due to his delinquent attitude and willingness to shed others blood he has been legally disowned and currently does not go to college. He is tall and muscular and usually has his hair covering his eyes. He lives in a sixfoot apartment where a different woman is usually present whenever he is there. Cool and completely realistic he is a nihilist who has great confidence in himself. However he is good at taking care of people and as the eldest he exists as the leader of AAA. He has experience in brawls rather than grappling and he does not hesitate in the face of violence. Although he has accepted equal responsibility as an active team member he shows signs of the possibility that he might abandon AAA if it was to his personal advantage. He likes to drink alcohol and is a heavy smoker. He holds 2 or more jobs at a day labor place as a manual laborer works as a lecturer in a shogi classroom and is also a guard.