Kazuo Saitou

斉藤 一雄
Kazuo Saitoh Sait Kazuo? Voiced by: Hiroki Takahashi Age: 17 Birthday: July 18 1981 Blood Type: O Height: 181cm 511 Weight: 72kg 159lbs Residency: Tokyo Hobby: Reading manga making plastic models gundam playing video games Saitoh is a senior in high school making him the youngest of the team despite his height. He is the only son of the Saitoh house and helps run a small electronics store. He lost both of his parents at a very young age though he still has a very carefree and energetic attitude. Though Nakajyo and Mishiba initially find him irritating they grow quite fond of him but since he does not have any physical strengths he is usually a burden to them during fights. However he is in fact good with electronics and machines and excels at the ability to reason through puzzles and memory problems. His favorite foods are hamburgers and spaghetti. He also works as the convenience store clerk at his school.