Anise Azeat

Birthday:Sep 10
Before the Rune Angel Troupe Anise was born into the Azeat family a distinguished family of treasure hunters based on planet Azeat. They were friends with the Seldor royalty and as such Anise met King Soldum Seldor once when she was very young though she does not remember the event. A turn for the worse in the treasure hunting business leads many of the treasure hunters who once worked for the Azeat family to begin to engage in the less than legal business of piracy. Even Anise herself began to engage in piracy at times though her pride as a treasure hunter made it so she did so as honorably as possible. Her first encounter with the Luxiole occured in TCY 417 when she attempted to get the Luxiole to surrender all of their valuables to her. She was quickly dispatched by Second Lieutenant Kazuya Shiranami in his first sortie and the damage inflicted on her ship made it necessary for her to get a new one. She contacted the Blancmanche Conglomerate to try to get a new ship and Mint Blancmanche finding that her records did indeed show she was from a distinguished family of treasure hunters gave her a loan and sold her an EDENmodel supply ship. At some point she was contacted by Dieta and offered a large sum of money if she could steal Brave Heart from the Luxiole. Finding the challenge and money appealing and interested to see how Brave Heart would boost the capabilities of her Emblem Frame Relic Raider she accepted. Upon discovering that the Luxiole was to rendezvous with a Blancmanche supply ship for resupply she disguised her new ship as a Blancmanche supply ship and rendezvoused with the Luxiole first. Caught off guard Anise succeeded in disabling the Luxioles engines and stealing Brave Heart. Unfortunately when Anise wasnt completely forthcoming about handing over Brave Heart to Dieta and when the Luxiole arrived on her tail with help from Mint her new ship is destroyed by Dieta in an attempt to destroy Brave Heart. She goes to Mint once again for a new ship since without one she would not be able to earn the money to pay back her loan. However Mint refused and instead quotsuggestedquot she work as part of the Rune Angel Troupe to pay off her debt since NEUE was in trouble at the moment and she possessed and was able to pilot an Emblem Frame. As such she joined the Rune Angel Troupe as a temporary member. Service in the Rune Angel Troupe Anise eventually gets out of the contract with Mint by defending the Blancmanche Conglomerates Department Store Ship and gained the ability to leave the Luxiole however she had grown attached to the Rune Angel Troupe and decided to officially enlist joining the team as a Second Lieutenant.