Haruka Akechi

This happy, fun-loving, and flirtatious girl turns into a scared, obsessive, and paranoid participant of the game. As the "Rabbit Doubt" advances, she seems to descend to madness, flinging accusations out left and right. She is the one to note that Yuu doesn’t have a bar code and believes him and Mitsuki to be the wolf after she learns Mitsuki's information is on file, when she should have only been an accidental participant. She ties Yuu up after attacking Mitsuki and locking her in the bathroom, then she disappears after claiming she can't trust Hajime either. When the others learn of Eiji's past as a gang member, and that he was involved in a fight that led to the death of one man, the others suspect Haruka of being Shōjo H and briefly of being the wolf, and that there may be a connection between them after all. Yuu finds her head severed after finding a room filled with rabbit heads, stakes, and ropes. Haruka's bar code is on her chest.