Birthday:May 20
Height: 176 cm 59 Conis is the first person to greet the Straw Hats Pirate Crew once theyve reached Skypiea. She becomes an important character in the Skypiea arc because of her interaction with the Straw Hat pirates. Once it is discovered that the crew has not paid Skypieas exorbitant toll however she regretfully follows the mandatory commands from their quotgodquot Enel which has been placed upon all her people under pain of death. They were not fulfilled and obeyed and she reports them as trespassers. After this while leading Luffy Sanji and Ussop to Upper Yard Conis under the burden of her betrayal breaks down and tells them the truth. This disloyalty to the god Enel is met with a wave of lightning from the heavens directed toward Conis. Luffy tries to save her but is caught in the middle of it too. Both barely escape with help from Gan Fall lsquoknight of the sky. Conis later makes up for her actions by guiding the Merry Go through Upper Yard warning her people of Enels attack and helping the Straw Hats back down to earth after they had defeated Enel. Conis is head strong hopeful and cares deeply for the well being of others. When first introduced she seems happy friendly and acts innocent. After meeting the Straw Hat Pirates she keeps all those things. As she becomes more and more courageous she speaks her mind and is not being afraid of her peoples quotGodquot Enel as they struggle to fight him. She is very good at playing the harp as well as being able to use a Waver. Though she never fought she carried a Burn Bazooka and knew how to use an array of dials. Because of her musical abilities it was speculated by fans to be the crews new musician. However Conis decided to remain in Skypiea.