Earl Dorian Red Gloria

ドリアン・レッド・グローリア, Eroica
Voice in CDdrama: Nozawa Nachi He is the storys main character. Dorian is a flamboyant homosexual and a talented thief. He is commonly referred to as Eroica under which he pens arrogant ransom cards to the owners of his recently acquired works of arts. Dorian is exceedingly Wildean and resembles Dorian Gray from which his name is derived. Although flippant about many matters Dorian regards art as his own passion in life and is a exceedingly good at identifying forgeries. He is the complete opposite of Major Klaus Heinz von dem Eberbach who is later introduced in the series. Dorian was born to the Earl of Gloria and is the youngest of the family with three other sisters who remain anonymous throughout the course of the series preceding him. His mother divorced his father when he was still in his teens because Dorians father was also a homosexual and encouraged Dorians propensity for stealing. Dorian is hinted to have powerful connections in the series: he counts Gian Maria Volvovante a Mafia don and the Bakchial family of prominent crooks as his ardent admirers. Dorian is currently the Earl of Gloria and retains a home in the countryside of England in North Downs as well as in London. He attended Oxford during his youth and his birthday is the 28th of July. Source: Wikipedia