Major Klaus Heinz von dem Eberbach

クラウス・ハインツ・フォン・デム・エーベルバッハ少佐, Iron Klaus
Voice in CDdrama: Nakata Kouji Klaus is a protagonist who acts as a foil to Dorian and later as his love interest. He is a West German intelligence agent serving in NATO. He is nicknamed quotIron Klausquot by enemy characters for his notoriously high number of successful missions. Klaus039 missions involve averting international incidents and collecting intelligence and are frequently disrupted by Dorian. Klaus reacts to Dorian039s flirting and confessions of love with violence and pronounced homophobia. Despite this he is occasionally cordial with Dorian when they have worked together on a mission successfully. Klaus039 crew of 26 subordinates are each named after a letter of the alphabet: A B G and Z appear in the series most frequently. A is in second command B is generally portrayed as a bumbling clown G enjoys crossdressing and Z the youngest is Klaus039 favourite. All of Klaus039 subordinates live in fear of his ire and his constant threats to reassign them to Alaska. Source: Wikipedia