Kevin Mask

Son of the British noble Seigi Chujin Robin Mask. Dealing with a strict lifestyle from his father consisting of nonstop training of studying and exercising. As a result of this Kevin ran away from the lifestyle he despised when he was 8 and soon joined the d.M.p. and trained in the league as an Akugy Chjin Evil Superhuman. This was also where he met his ally and adversary Scarface as his training partner. After seeing the defeat of TelTel Boy and MAXman from Mantaro however he immediately left and became a lone wolf siding with neither light nor darkness though still assisting Seigi Chujins when in need mainly Mantaro his rival. He has a deep sense of honor that is rarely shown. In the later part of the series He does enter in the Chujin Olympics: The Resurrection assisted by his manager Croe Whom is actually Warsman in disguise and helps Kevin train for the event. Kevin does defeat all of his opponents he faced in the competition up to the main event with his main adversary Mantaro Kinniku. In the anime version he loses to Mantaro but where as in the manga he wins it in an epic match. Starting from his days in the d.M.p Kevin has a SpiderWeb Nest Tattoo on his back Having images of Chujins he has defeated. He still continues this practice even after his departure. He does have his own version of the Kinniku clan039s Kajiba no Kuso Djikara Burning Inner Strength called Maelstrom Power. He has also won 1st place twice in the popularity contests in the manga. Status/b 19 in Chujin Olympics Arc and 20 in Ultimate Tag Arc Height: 218 cm/70391.5 Feet tall Weight: 155 kg/344.4 lbs. Chujin Power: 1170000 Trademark Techniques/b Big Ben Bash Tower Bridge Robin Special Mach Pulveriser Provocation Toe Kick Royal Stretch OLAP Tornado Fisherman039s Suplex