Keiichi Hiiragi

柊恵一, Usamimi Kamen, Kei-kun
A famous violinst and teen heartthrob Hiiragi039s violin playing supplies Kuromi039s Melody Key with Dark Power in the first series being the apparent chosen of the Melody Bow. Very popular around girls he is often secretly agitated or indifferent to ladies. He joins Kuromi039s side to unleash the Dark Power seemingly out of boredom but soon is the de facto leader of Kuromi039s group. He is not above subterfuge to further his goals and keep the knowledge he is working with My Melody039s enemies a secret from the heroes though he interacts with them freely. In Kurukuru Shuffle he transforms into Usamimi Kamen with My Melody039s magic. Forced to become My Melo039s super hero due to his actions in the first season he absolutely hates becoming Usamimi Kamena humen shape of my melo as he is often apathetic and unenergetic when My Melo summons him. His mother call him KeiKun.