Mondo Ooya

大矢 門斗
As more or less Rokunas boyfriend he got involved with Ichirobeis scheme right away recruited as a Mon Colle Knight along with Rokuna. He fits into the role fairly quickly after overcoming the shock of the parallel universe and the silly outfit hed been given. Like Rokuna he hopes to find the items to unite the worlds. Determined and with a lot of endurance he provides the strength of the team. Hes got a particular love for dragons but is most commonly seen with the initially chibi Pegasus he met early in the series. Mondo sees the world through Moe glasses. When confronted with cute girls especially the sort that seem to needs help he switches to hero mode sometimes taking his shirt off in the process. Unfortunately the girls arent really in dire need of emotional rescue and Rokuna tends to violently bring him back to reality. Hence Mondos constant flirting with others girls isnt so much that he doesnt care for what Rokuna thinks he simply cant help himself. Nothings known about Mondos home life in the human world though as the series progresses he more and more seems to live with the Hiiragis.