The hero (or, more accurately, anti-hero) of the manga who is known for his womanizing ways and his selfish actions. Ludwig is the prince of some unnamed kingdom. He's a total brat, selfish, narcissistic and a skirt-chaser. Whenever he's on the streets there are cries of "Hide the women!". He has a fondness for well-endowed beauties, and chooses his potential brides judging mostly by their bust size. He bears an uncanny resemblance to his mother, queen Amalberga. He is named after Jakob Ludwig Grimm. He is a mere 19 years old, and his nickname is Lui. One day Lui's father, the king, decides that he is fed up with Lui's behavior. No, it's not that he's a pervert, but his rather odd hobby; Lui is into necrophilia and has a whole chamber where he keeps his collection of female corpses. The king warns Lui that if he keeps up this behavior he won’t give him the crown. Thus, Lui is forced to go on a disciplinary trip to find a princess to marry.

Friederike was the first woman for whom he actually had feelings without noticing her breast size. After Friederike died, he always thought about her and got to see her again in the end.

(source : wikipedia)