Chizuru Minamoto

源 ちずる
Age: 400+ may be 1000+ Race: Kitsune Likes: Kouta Oyamada Dislikes: Nozomu Ezomori Relatives: Tamamo mother Tayura Minamoto younger brother Chizuru Minamoto is a powerful kitsune who is a secondyear student at the school Kouta attends. She appears to be a normal girl but is a 400yearold powerful fox diety. Chizurus hair is black. When she transforms her hair turns blonde she gains fox ears and a tail. Chizuru constantly hangs around with Kouta him being her love interest. Shes very straightforward making sexual suggestions and assertions towards him. She gets upset and throws a tantrum when someone else gets close to him such as Nozomu. Throughout the series Chizuru has displayed several powers and abilities. Transformation: Chizuru can shift between her human form or kitsune form at will. Kitsune Physiology: Being from a bloodline of powerful kitsune Chizuru can transform to reach her full power and strength. Fox Fire: Chizuru can emit powewrful blue fox flames. Fusion: Chizuru merged with Kouta by kissing him. She enters his body where she gains the ability to use her 5 tailedkitsune powers. Source: Kanokon Wiki edited