Anna Cocolova

アンナ•ユリエウナ•ココロウァ, Yurievna, (Anya)
The only other student who graduated with Negi that has been named. Although she lives in Wales she isnt Welsh but probably Russian since her entire name is Russian. A year older than Negi they have been childhood friends for as long as they can remember and it was noted by Haruna Saotome that Anya is one of the few people who Negi speaks with informally. It has been indicated that Anya helped Negi pack for his trip to Japan and her mother was one of the people turned to stone by Wilhelms attack. During the Legendary Mahora Martial Arts Tournament Alberio summoned her as she pointed at the cover of the books he was using as his Pactio artifact. She had been working as a fortuneteller in London as an assignment from the Magical Academy before returning to Wales It is unknown if this was just a vacation or a permanent return. As of chapter 179 she has apparently come to Japan to bring Negi back to Wales under the excuse that Nekane wanted her to but appeared to explode the moment she arrive on a beach seeing Negi with Asuna...while furthermore behind the position of Nodoka and Yue both of whom have known feelings for Negi like Anya herself. Anya appears to be a grumpy girl around Negi often shown frowning although she also seemed excited at the prospect of him coming back from Japan. She takes an immediate dislike toward Asuna partially due to the fact that the older girl has a more developed body and an immediate liking toward Yue and Nodoka due to the fact that they had similar figures as Anyas. She uses fire magic particularly a diving kick attack but seems to accidentally set her clothes or hair on fire if she isnt careful. She has also shown a flaming punch. She stay with Negi and his class as they enjoy a short vacation at a beach resort. Apparently she has an immediate dislike toward the more wellendowed girls in Negis class and was unaware that Negi has already made 7 Probationary Contracts while she herself has none. She later finds out about the contracts much to her dismay. and worse yet that Negi has far surpassed her in magic and isnt helpless without her. She along with everyone else are now scattered across the Magical World.