Wufei Chang

張 五飛

Age: 15 Gender: Male Ethnic origin: Chinese Place of origin: L5 colony Height: 156 cm Weight: 46 kg Eye color: Black Hair color: Black Occupation: Gundam Pilot Mobile Suits: Shenlong Gundam, Altron Gundam, Gundam Nataku The stern pilot of the Shenlong Gundam is the proud offspring of a legendary warrior clan, who were exiled from China to a decrepit space colony by a fearful government. Wufei adheres to a strict code of honor and justice, seeking to protect the weak and punish the guilty. But his pride is something of a weak point - when pushed too far, Wufei's huge ego has a tendency to break. Unlike the other Gundam pilots, even the relatively antisocial Heero and Trowa, Wufei prefers to operate alone and frequently seems to have a better idea what's going on than his blundering fellows. His only companion is his Gundam, which he calls "Nataku" after the Chinese mythological hero [see Episode Zero manga for more information]. In Frozen Teardrop

By M.C. 0022, Wufei has become the head of the Mars Preventer base. He is the direct superior officer of Kathy Po, whom he sends to Earth to meet with President Dorothy Catalonia and get important files in order to enact Operation Mythos. When Kathy arrives back at the base, Wufei uses the files to awaken Heero Yuy from cold sleep. He and Father Maxwell with his son Duo greet Heero once awoken and give him his mission.