Heisuke Todo

Hair: Black Eyes: Dark Brown Affiliation: Shinsengumi Postion in Shinsengumi: Advisor to the Fukuchou Most notable quote: 039I may not have much of an eye for cute things but I039m a pretty good swordsman039 An essential part of the Manzai Three Comedian Three this guy adds much laughter to the series. He has the most warped ideas about Hijikata039s 039new page039 going as far as to say that Hijikatasan chose him because he was good in bed sweatdrop. No doubt Hijikata would mutilate him if he heard that... Extremely committed to the Shinsengumi Toudou Heisuke is one of the older members of the Shinsengumi having been in the Shinsengumi since its days in Musashi. He and Yamanami use the same sword style Hokushin Itto Ryu Hokushin Single Sword style. Toudou seems to have been added in more for comic relief than anything else for now anyway and he is rarely even seen patrolling in Kyoto. He is usually seen teasing Tetsu or drooling over Ayumu039s meals...