Sakura Bokuseiinmonzeninari

Sakura is a 191yearold kitsune though she looks to be only 19 and Natsukis partner for a time. She has human ancestors thus she was born with only 8 and 1/5th tails and was teased because of it as a child. Kitsune must have a full nine tails in order to have full use of their power thus Sakura has spent many years hunting for a powerful being to consume in order to attain that full power. Sakura joins the Police Company after seeing Natuski in action in hopes of consuming her in order to gain her full ninth tail. She can fly has some minor electrical power and is an excellent shot with a gun. Sakura is from Osaka thus has a knack for bartering and handling money. Later on she gives birth to three mischievous kids from her mating with the timedisplaced samurai Sakunoshin justifying the ageold lore of a kitsune being a mother and housewife. It is not completely clarified if the two are officially married or not though Sakuras mother is seen to ask her at one point quotwhen are you two coming to Osaka to get married?quot Source: Wikipedia.