Aoi Nogami

野上葵, Lightspeed Goddess
Birthday:Dec 26
Blood Type:A
Birthday: December 26 Capricorn Age ES: 1011 Volumes 115 Age MS: 1213 Volumes 139 Age HS: 1415 Volumes 40 Aoi is a Level 7 teleporter the rational member of The Children that likes playing video games in her spare time. After an incident where she lost control and teleported around the city she was sent to BABEL at the age of 5. Born and raised in Kyoto Aoi speaks in a Kansai dialect. She is sensitive to hyperspace recognition and has shown to be capable of tracking closeby teleporting espers and neutralizing their abilities to a certain extent. Aoi is selfconscious about her flat chest to the point of being bitter. Like Shiho she has a crush on Minamoto.