Jeremiah Gottwald

ジェレミア・ゴットバルト, Orange

Age: 28 Zodiac Sign: Leo Blood Type: A Nickname: Orange(-kun) An elite Knightmare Frame pilot and a Purist, who is deeply concerned with the Purists' supremacy - enough to use Suzaku as a scapegoat for both avenging Clovis' death and reinforcing the Purists' superiority in Area 11. Initially, he held the rank of Margrave in Area 11's military hierarchy. After Clovis' murder, Jeremiah takes upon the role of Area 11's Acting-Consul, but upon the Zero fiasco, Jeremiah falls into disgrace (due to his incomprehensible actions caused by Lelouch's geass), is targeted for termination by his fellow Purist officers, demoted to the rank of a mere Knightmare Frame pilot and referred mockingly as Orange or Orange-Kun by both his superiors and his fellow knightmare pilots.

In the second season he came back as a machine-like man having the ability to use Geass Canceller. At the end of episode 13 it is seen that he joins Zero's side after revealing that on the day Empress Marianne was killed, he attempted to rescue her but failed. He came back as a member of the Knightmare Frame pilot to atone for his inability to rescue her.

(Source: Wikipedia)