Maori Kimizuka

First appears in the first episode of the sequel MissionE as the new main character working alongside Chinami in Oz as well as being a high school student. She comes off as a cold girl this being when she was a child she would accidentally erase her information causing the other students and even her friends to avoid her calling her a ghost. Her power suit uses a type of metal wire that she can utilize her powers through to create a variety of different offensive defensive or any other type of useful item as well as a pair of tonfas. It is hinted that she is jealous of Chinami as she was able to find a boyfriend who loves her even thought she has TypeE. Often referred to as Machan and has a pet golden retriever named Dorota. She now appears to have a crush on Adol and after hearing from Kotaro that TypeE powers could be used to help cure illnesses she is pondering if her abilities could save Adols sister.