ネイロ, Neyro
Race: Human Hair: Light brown Eye Color: Light brown Neiro is a skilled martial artist. Shes affiliated with Issoudan and frequently completes missions involving stealth and the use of explosives. She shares an unknown connection with Kaiba Neiro has medium orange hair styled in two horizontal pigtails and brown eyes. She wears a scarlet bodysuit with matching white gauntlets boots a helmet and pumpkinshaped shorts. The large shorts house two long retractable metal legs which allow Neiro great speed and agility when deployed. Neiro is quiet and hardworking. Cheki mentions to Neiro while trying to remind her of their childhood friendship that Neiro is normally a very loving and caring individual. In episode 2 a broadcast reports a memory tank exploding releasing thousands of memories into space in the form of orange egg capsules. Its believed that Neiro is responsible for the incident. Source: Kaiba Wiki edited