Ryouji Fujioka

藤岡涼二, Ranka
Haruhi039s father works at an okama cross dressing bar. He says that he was originally bisexual but turned to crossdressing after his wife039s death because he could never love another woman. In contrast to Haruhi039s practicality and lack of interest in material things he is rather bad with money and buys girly clothing for Haruhi in the hopes of getting her to dress more cutely. Haruhi039s stubborn selfreliance causes her father to worry about her a lot he would like to be more involved in her life and do more things for her but she rarely lets him. However the two of them do have a clearly loving relationship. While her father would like to be able to take care of Haruhi it seems that often Haruhi ends up taking care of him instead.