Ayaori Mashiba


Top-ranked (Number 1) in the PEACOCK agency, disguised as the president at the high school with glasses and ruffled hair. Behind the disguise is a boy with good looks, impeccable talent and ability with thorough professionalism. He has extremely bad eyesight. He lives with Ryo and Yukari. He really likes Yukari's cooking. Unbelievably, he is lazy and always drowsy but dedicated to his acting career. As a matter of fact he is president because of his top score. He has an amazing ability to control his breathing for acting and can also memorize scripts easily and quickly. He truly cares for both Ryo and Yukari, indirectly looking after them with elderly brother concern. His stage name is Ayaori Makoto. He is in fact, the adopted son of Torii Hidemitsu, after his parents died in a car accident. Ayaori's past is closely linked with Ryo, as Aya's dad was Ryo's mother's driver, and they got in a car accident in which Aya's dad died, and Ryo's mother went into a coma. - Wikipedia.